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How do you get relief from hives?

 How do you get relief from hives?

My boyfriend has hives all over his body. I think it is from the dog that showed up on out door step a few days ago but I am unable to figure out what to do so that he can sleep at night other than getting rid of the dog all together. I would appreciate any help.

Get hime some Benadryl.

Soak in a cool oatmeal bath – or get him aveeno bath. He can also take an over the counter antihistemine like Benedryl. Expect the hives to stick around awhile.

Benadryl will most likely help although it can make you drowsy you could also try to take an oatmeal bath…you can get both of these at a pharmacy and will help the bath is to sooth the irritation from the hives and the benadryl is to help with the reaction and the hives…they both are safe.

Benadryl makes a capsule specifically for hives

I had a problem with hives that seemed to come from nowhere. Turned out I'm allergic to aspirin. probably not his problem.the Doctor had me take Claritin. Worked great. Hives are caused by an allergy, could be anything. Buy Claritin at any drug store and Walmart.

How do you get relief from hives?

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