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How do you treat Hives?

 How do you treat Hives?

I recently ate something i was allergic and i now have Hives… is there a remedy or treatment i could take? i have taken Zyrtec and Benedryl so far

To treat hives you could…
1. Put cool, wet compresses on red areas to soothe the itching.
2. take a bath in oatmeal if hives cover a large area.
3. Add cornstarch to your regular bath.
4. Apply aloe vera gel to soothe skin and reduce discomfort.
5. Supplement with 1,000mg vitamin C a day to help your immune system respond to allergens.
6. Avoid the substance that caused your hives.
7. Use an antihistamine for temporary relief of symptoms, particularly if hives are very severe or if overall allergic reaction is severe.

Try claratin, it seems to work the best for me, and be sure to see your doctor so they can find out what it is that is making you allergic. Good luck!

benedryl is the best thing for when you have an allergic reaction to something. Cream will take a bit longer to work, but it will. Pills will work faster.

u need claritin,it works so much better,warm oatmeal baths are great also.

Benadryl…if you need to , take more…Zyrtec isn't for hives.

How do you treat Hives?

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