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How Long Do Hives Last? » How to Get Rid of Hives – Fast!

 How Long Do Hives Last? » How to Get Rid of Hives   Fast!

Hives typically last between a few hours and four weeks. if they last longer than that, they are classified as ‘chronic urticaria’. however, the reason why hives usually last a certain amount of time and then suddenly disappear was not clear up until recently. Now it is obvious what happens – the person who is suffering from hives usually does something to make them go away. they do this unconsciously and usually don’t remember what it was. Now we know what it is and anyone who wants can easily do the same. By doing that they will permanently eliminate their urticaria(hives), regardless of the type or cause.

So, how long should I expect my hives to last and what can I do about it? 

If this is the first time you are experiencing hives and the symptoms are not that uncomfortable, you can expect the rash to be completely gone within a week. if however, hives are a frequent(or even a second) occurrence for you, you need to resolve the underlying cause of hives, or they will keep appearing. Treating only the symptom is rarely useful, even if you have only acute urticaria.

What causes urticaria? 

Hives usually have an unknown cause – at least that’s what a doctor will tell you. they will also tell you that the possible causes range from viral diseases to allergic reactions. all of those are the basics, which every dermatologist knows because they studied them in med school. You can read about hives here. unfortunately, all of this is very outdated information. Now we know a lot more about urticaria, how it works and what causes it. the cause of urticaria is almost always the same, and can be easily resolved. Note that there is a difference between a ‘trigger’ and the real cause. the trigger may trigger an allergic reaction, which causes the rash. But the trigger is not a real cause, because a healthy person wouldn’t react this way to a harmless substance. Hives are the secondary effect of an allergic reaction and have nothing to do with an allergy.

Are hives an allergy? 

No. the way an allergic reaction works is it creates liquid spaces inside the skin in an attempt to stop an allergen from spreading. your body falsely thinks that the substance is an allergen. But there is a very big difference between hives and an allergic reaction. they are somewhat connected and anti-allergy drugs even work for urticaria, but they are different and should be treated differently. often times, doctors will give you very misleading information, label your hives as ‘idiopathic’ or even tell you that you have an auto-immune disease which causes the rashes. It is very easy for anyone to get extremely confused. That’s why you must do your own research and not take any info for the absolute truth.

How Long Do Hives Last? » How to Get Rid of Hives – Fast!

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