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How to Get Rid of Hives – Start With Getting to Know Hives

 How to Get Rid of Hives   Start With Getting to Know Hives

They say the best way to determine a solution is to be acquainted with the problem first. Hives or Urticaria is a kind of skin allergy characterized by round, protruded and itchy welts. Their sizes vary from one to another. They appear in batches on the arms, trunk, legs and throat.

What triggers it?
To further equip you with how to get rid of hives, you must know what triggers it. Listed below are examples of its triggers.

* Shellfish, tomatoes, berries, nuts and chocolates
* Pollen
* Insect bites
* Animal dander
* Some antibiotics, codeine, sulfa, penicillin, aspirin, Phenobarbital and anticonvulsant drugs
* Food additives
* Irritation from physical pressure
* Parasitic worms
* Hepatitis B
* Emotional stress
* Infections (may be bacterial, viral or fungal)

What are its symptoms?
How will you know you are already started to get infected by urticaria? it is by the witnessing symptoms that occur on your body. here are the symptoms that you should watch on.

* Rapid inception
* Itching
* Reddish welts just like mosquito bites
* Swift fluctuation of the welts in terms of size, location and shape
* 24-hour stay of welts on the body
* Inflammation of the face, tongue and lips

How is it treated?
Prior to searching for the best treatment for this infection, you should determine what substance is accountable for your urticaria. in the event that it is unidentified, you must be able to treat its symptoms. these are what you can use to be relieved.

* Antihistamine
* Refraining from allergens
* Corticosteroids for serious conditions
* Epinephrine injections for life-threatening conditions

How is it controlled?
To relieve the symptoms of the infection, keep in mind the following control measures.

* to avoid reddening of the skin, avoid alcohol.
* no matter how itchy, do not try to scratch the affected area.
* to prevent too much physical pressure, wear loose clothing.
* always maintain a cool skin temperature.

How to Get Rid of Hives – Start With Getting to Know Hives

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