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How to Stop the Rash and Itch Post – Abdominoplasty

 How to Stop the Rash and Itch Post   Abdominoplasty

If you’ve just undergone abdominoplasty, you may be experiencing some upsetting and uncomfortable rashes from the surgery. while this is normal, there are some ways you can help treat the symptoms. The rashes you experience after abdominoplasty will be nothing compared to the rashes created by the friction of skin before.

However, it can be quite uncomfortable, especially during the first few months after your surgery when your body is still sore and tender. The most important thing to do immediately following abdominoplasty surgery is to get plenty of rest and follow all of plastic surgeon’s post-care instructions.

If he mentions a specific way to redress or cleanse the incision area, it’s wise to take the advice. by deviating from his instructions you may put yourself at risk for not only developing rashes, but much more serious complications as well.

Not changing bandages and dressing correctly as well as too much movement can potentially cause rashes to develop. Carefully remove any bandaging and gently clean the area with mild cleansers. Don’t pick at stitches or scar tissue. For the first few days you should move as little as possible.

Avoid sitting up or any other movement that will put stress on your abdomen or pelvis. Once you begin to feel better, it’s important to continue to limit your movement and rest as much as possible. The wound may take a long time to heal properly and you want to avoid friction.

One of the main culprits of post-abdominoplasty rashes is the special girdle that patients are required to wear after surgery. this girdle fits around the abdomen and usually must be quite snug. The friction and excess heat that this garment causes can irritate the skin over time.

You should continue to wear the girdle, but ask your surgeon if there is one more suitable for sensitive skin or if it can be taken off for short periods to help ease the rash.

Even when taking these precautions, you may still develop a rash. sometimes this is just due to sensitivity to the stitches or bandages, in which case there are no prevention methods to take and you must wait until the plastic surgeon can remove them. You can, however, help alleviate your rash symptoms such as itching and any mild pain.

Cortisone cream or calamine lotion is very mild and can help cool the area. taking some Benadryl may also help temporarily relieve discomfort. Before using any of these treatments, consult with your plastic surgeon.

Other ways to help deal with abdominoplasty rashes are by using a light skin lotion, preferably one that is anti-itch. there are many of these products available over the counter and they are usually inexpensive and effective and soothing rashes and dry skin. choose one that contains no scents as perfumes may just irritate the area more.

Baby oil and baby powder may also be helpful to ease itch and soothe the area. If the abdominoplasty girdle is what’s creating the problem, make sure you wear loose, comfortable clothing and try to keep cool. Sweat and heat can make the situation worse.

How to Stop the Rash and Itch Post – Abdominoplasty

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