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I have ****** hives, how do i ****** get rid of it permanently?

1304679800 36 I have ****** hives, how do i ****** get rid of it permanently?

Ok so recently , I`ve had these bunch of tiny pink spots randomly appearing on my arms for no reason.
These spots eventually spread and become bigger .
And when i go to the gym , it gets worst ; spreads to my face and when people look at me , they think i have lepracy or something.

in November 09 these bunch of tiny pink spots started randomly appearing on my arms , knees and stomach .

so i went to see a dermatologist ( senior consultant ) and he gave me some pills ( Telfast ) to take whenever the pink spots started cropping up ; and i did .
Whenever the pink spots started to crop out , i took a pill and the pink spots dissapered after 20 minutes give or take ( it usually takes 40 minutes to completely dissappear if i dont take pills )

And for about 2 months , these pink spots didnt appear at all.

Now on sunday ( 31st january ) i went to the gym to workout . I did some freeweights , pushups etc.. basically my skin came in contact with the floor and the gym equipment. and these pink spots started flaring up. and it completely dissappeared after an hour.

Tuesday ( 2nd Feb ) I went to the gym again did some threadmill and bicyclet, basically my skin did not come in contact with the ground or any equipment for that matter and a few pink spots started appearing (much less compared to that on 31st jan )

Wednesday.( 3rd Feb ) I took a shower and went out at 1pm . and at about 2 pm , the spots started appearing again ; this time on my wrists.

ok so you get the picture?

These pink spots start appearing everyday no matter where i am .
At home , after i showered , at the mall , on the street , at the gym , on the train. I mean everywhere.
( I just realized i have hives after looking at wikipedia.com)

And to make matters worst , the ****** dermatologist is on leave till next thursday.
And the ****** telfast he ****** gave me doesnt ****** work .
So i was wondering if theres anything i can do for the time being to get rid of these hives?

I have ****** hives, how do i ****** get rid of it permanently?

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