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I need help with my Sun Poisoning…It's urgent…Help?

1306872118 99 I need help with my Sun Poisoning...It's urgent...Help?

Alright, since my other question about sun poisoning wasn't too popular and wasn't getting the attention that it needed, here's this one in hopes that you'll answer. I'll give you the ld about what's happening to my skin

-It feels hot to the touch
-It's red and blotchy (legs arms face)
-It's itchy, but I can't scratch it because when I do it really really hurts.
-there are bumps on my arms and legs. They aren't defined little blisters, but rather they look like hives..I'll put a picture up if I can.
-I'm getting nausea and I have a headache.

i'm thinking this is sun poisoning. I put on sunscreen, but it didn't help.
Will you guys help me? I need something to put on/take to make the symptoms lessen and to prevent them because tomorrow I have to paint children's faces and I don't want a flare up of this during a session xD

I can do homeopathic things,&stuff that can be found around the house. I also wanna feel a bit better by 2nite because there's fireworks lol

i think i have the same thing,i got it yesterday
red face,face feels hot,and i have a headache

i dont know what to do either but today i put on ice packs and ice on my face it feels better once your face is cold but then i comes back in about 5 mins,well for me

When did you get burnt?

well you could be allergic to the sun my mom is and she has those symptoms

Brew enough tea bags to cover a considerable area of the sunburn and ice down to get the tea really cold. place the cold, wet tea bags and/or a rag drenched in the tea over the affected area, keeping the bags and rags cold. if you can submurge the burned part of the body, do so into the tea. Do this for at least one hour as often as you can (3 or so times a day) until it fades. this works for second and third degree burns as well and will prohibit scarring! The tea works as an antioxidant and pulls the heat out of your body. it stops the pain temporarily also.
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I need help with my Sun Poisoning…It's urgent…Help?

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