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I think my dog has hives?

 I think my dog has hives?

So at about 6:30pm I noticed raised bumps all over my dog's abdomen and stomach, the only thing I can think is that they're hives. I have no idea where they came from because nothing in my dog's routine tonight was different at all. At about 6pm I cleaned my dogs ears with this cleaner that I have used many times before without a problem, that's the only thing I can think that might have caused it, but is it possible that it never bothered her before but is now?

I gave her a dose of Benadryl allergy, just one pill, at around 7pm, and it helped, but she started getting the hives again a while ago so I gave her another. It seems to help a bit in getting the hives to go away. she doesn't seem bothered by them at all either, no itching or anything, all she wants to do is play with my brother's dog. is there anything else anyone thinks this could be? Am I doing the right thing by giving her a little Benadryl? when should I take her to the vet? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving of course so it's the worst possible time for this, but I'm very overprotective of her and I'm getting worried. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

she is probably alergic to some thing. because if its hives then defenetly your dog is alergic to some thing probably. cause i have very sensitive skin and i get hives and benadryl and it does work but some times it comes back so when you take him to the vet it will probably be some kind of allergy

if he leaves a happy poo trail then he has a rare form of hives mixed with herpes

Wow uh I'm not sure, I don't know much about hives or if dogs can get the hives… also is the Benadryl your giving her for humans, if so maybe use that tonight but take her to the vet tomorrow, I don't think you should keep her on a human Benadryl for long. so I would say tonight (if possible tomorrow) if it gets really bad tomorrow call up every vet in town until someone helps you! Hope every things ok, from one overprotective dog owner to another. Good night may your dog be healed your new friend Rebecca.

Hives sometimes can be caused by high stress or anxiety. Could that be it?
Hm. maybe just something new in the air? Are you wearing a new lotion or perfume or something that came in contact with her skin? even new clothes?
Benadryl is fine for her, although 2 pills seems like a lot..? just one of those knock me out and I'm a lot bigger than most dogs, haha.
I'd try not to worry, but if they don't go away or get worse, I'd give the vet a call. No harm in that.

I think my dog has hives?

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