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Is hives from dog licking me possible?

1312218164 73 Is hives from dog licking me possible?

I was over a friends house and she has a little dog and it was licking my arms than i noticed hives forming where she was licking. I have 3 dogs of my own and never had this issue. and i have no allergies that i no of from anything outdoors. is it possible to be alergic to only 1 animal? plz help

the protein that causes allergic reactions to dogs (can D1) is found in the saliva and urine of the dog. Every dog secretes a different amount of this protein.
It makes perfect sense that direct application of the saliva to your skin would cause a reaction. that is why people that are allergic to their pets are counseled to never let the pet lick them.
If you start having problem with allergies to your own dogs, don't dispair, just wipe them once a week with Allerpet/D to neutralize that protein.

Is hives from dog licking me possible?

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