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It's far more than a case of the hives

 It's far more than a case of the hives

When retired dentist Gerald Ballard heard about a bee attack that killed a Chula Vista family’s dog Tuesday and left two other dogs fighting for their lives, he was recovering from his own battle with the bees.

Last Sunday, Ballard, 75, was climbing a chaparral-covered slope near his home in Kensington when he was viciously stung about 50 times, by his doctor’s count, primarily on his face, ears, eyes and mouth. he even ingested a couple of the insects.

Luckily, Ballard’s son was visiting and heard his desperate screams for help. when Brian Ballard got within 10 feet of his father, he said it was like hitting a wall of bees. he cleared an opening by swinging his shoe like a propeller and, with the help of a neighbor named Alfonso, got his dad to nearby Middlesex Drive, where the neighbor called an ambulance.

Brian says he doesn’t know if the bees were Africanized, but “they were very, very irritated with us. they definitely were going after us.”

His father, who was treated and was released the following day, is anxious to alert people to the bee danger.

The “other” Romney: Matt and Laurie Romney are co-hosting a fundraiser with Kelly and Laurie Burt Wednesday in Poway for the San Diego mayoral campaign of Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher. Matt, who works for a local real estate investment firm, is the son of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann. Kelly Burt was the national finance co-chair for Mitt Romney’s 2008 bid for the GOP nomination.

A painful decision: An old surfing injury has prompted Fernando Aguerre to resign as president of the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association’s humanitarian fund and chairman of the annual Liquid Nation Ball held each summer at his La Jolla oceanfront estate. After living in permanent pain from a spinal disc injury from a long-ago surfing accident, Aguerre finally underwent surgery last week. “I need to focus on my health now,” says Aguerre, who co-founded Reef sandals with his brother, Santiago.

The fund has raised a reported $1.58 million since Aguerre created it eight years ago as a tool for urban youth outreach, global medical relief and injury assistance. He’ll continue to serve on its board.

Femmes Fantastiques: The East County Chamber of Commerce has recognized several women in leadership roles: KPBS radio host Maureen Cavanaugh, banker Luanne Bas, educator Sarita Fuentes, airport manager Thella Bowens, county health care supervisor Pam Smith and Dana Bristol-Smith, of the Women’s Leadership Institute. Speaker Mary Lyons, president of the University of San Diego, managed to capture the huge evolution in women’s thinking with one sentence that recalled her college days: “I didn’t think about getting a master’s degree because I’d gotten my bowling trophy that year.”

Free haircut? bill Mitrovich, brother of S.D. City Club founder George Mitrovich, visited a Rancho San Diego hair salon recommended by his sister, Gloria, who was giving him a cut and styling for his birthday. when the hairdresser asked for payment, bill explained that his sister was treating and walked out. Moments later, he telephoned Gloria to tell her about his visit to Lorna’s salon, only to have her ask, “Who is Lorna?” Comparing notes, they discovered he had walked into the wrong shop. She had paid Lina, whose salon was elsewhere in the shopping center.

From hair to air: Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham, former combat pilots Jerry Coleman and Dick Rutan, Qualcomm’s Irwin Jacobs, local aviation pioneer bill Gibbs, Navy TOPGUN instructors and other aviation VIPs will be honored tonight at the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s 2011 Hall of Fame induction ceremony… It’s just coincidence that “Come Fly Away” hits the San Diego Civic Theatre stage on Tuesday.

Prayers answered: when Joyce Desrochers’ brother-in-law, Mike Miller, coached the Chargers for 25 years, the team was truly blessed. how come? they were the Blessed Sacrament Chargers, a seventh- and eighth-grade football team in Toledo, Ohio. Miller is visiting San Diego this month, so Desrochers is scrambling to round up tickets for him and his wife to a home game of the “other” Chargers. Neither has ever attended a pro football game.

It's far more than a case of the hives

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