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Know How To Treat Hives On Face

 Know How To Treat Hives On Face

Allergic reactions because of food and medicine may cause hives on the face. Hives on face appear as red raised skin that also results in severe itching. Stress, infection, and virus can be the reasons behind hives on your face. Hives are a result of weak immune system. Strengthening the immune system will definitely help cure all types of hives including facial hives. Hives are not a serious problem as in most cases they disappear without any formal treatment. However, the symptoms associated with hives like itching are very annoying and in most situations they are just unbearable. So to treat hives on face, following tips are helpful in order to achieve favorable results.

First… look for Antihistamine

It is advisable to consume antihistamine immediately after the break out of hives on any area of your body including face. if symptoms stick with you for longer period then it is better to get advice from the physician to get a prescription for a specialized antihistamine.

Second…. Wash your face

Cold water will be great help in soothing the severe itching. Cleaning your face at least 4 times a day with water greatly reduces the inflammation. Avoid warm or hot water as it may trigger hives more. Avoid scratching the skin affected by hives because it may lead to the bacterial infections on the skin. So use of antibacterial soaps or face washes is great in order to remove the waste from skin. be careful while drying your face. Pat it gently with soft towel. Cotton towels are preferred for this purpose.

Third… Dabbing with ice water

Dabbing with ice water on an infected skin is a good alternative to washing face. it helps limiting the spread of hives to other non infected areas.

Fourth… Apply Lotion

Antihistamine or calamine lotion both are used to relieve the symptoms of hives on face. they help reduce the itching and pain due to hives. they will also moisturize your skin. Calamine lotion will not treat rash caused by hives but is found effective in soothing the irritation and itching. a gel like extract from Aloe Vera leaf can also be applied as lotion over the infected skin. it is very effective in easing the itching and irritation caused by hives.

Fifth…Oatmeal Mask or scrub

To treat facial hives oatmeal mask or scrubs are observed to be effective as they calm the redness and swelling due to hives. Oatmeal comes with lots of benefits to cure the skin problems and issues. Use powdered oatmeal for effective results. Oatmeal bath in warm water has also helped many to alleviate the symptoms of hives on other parts of body.

Finally it is important to understand what is causing hives.

As we all know that hives is a result of allergic reaction. it is not always a simple task to determine the reasons behind hives on face in a particular person. Illness due to viral infections leading to rise in temperature is often the reason of hives on face. People sensitive to certain ingredient in the shampoos or other toiletries are more prone to the attack of hives and other allergic reactions. Therefore, it is very essential to identify the reason behind hives in order to treat it. as doing away with the elements from your life that are causing allergic reactions as hives on face will certainly solve the 90% of your problem. Along with the above treatment it is necessary to limit your exposure with sun when you are under the attack of hives. Lotion should be reapplied as moisturizing is important in order to treat hives on face. Also keep your face clean to lessen the chances of infection.

Know How To Treat Hives On Face

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