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Know More about Hives in Children

 Know More about Hives in Children

While hives is a condition which could affect anyone, it’s more prominent in kids because of their immature immune system. It’s a condition characterized by itchy rashes which appear all over the body. Utricaria is the medical name for this condition. This condition, more often than not, treats itself, but in some cases, a doctor’s visit might become very important. Kids are highly prone to developing an outburst of hives, which is the main reason for the concern of hives in children.

Causes of Hives in Children

Hives are caused when the body releases histamines owing to a sensitivity reaction. This results in the growth of small red bumps all over the body, which is one of the most common symptoms of hives. at times, these bumps vanish from one part of the body and appear on another. The causes of hives in children are highly diverse, from being minor to some conditions which are major.

•  Allergic Reactions: Generally hives is a result of an allergic reaction which children might suffer from. Allergies caused by dust, pollen, dog or cat hair, certain food additives such as peanuts, preservatives, fish, food coloring, milk, eggs, etc. might show themselves in the form of an outbreak.•  Infections: Infections caused by viruses, bacteria and other parasitic microorganisms all result in hives in children. It has been seen that when children suffer from common cold they are likely to develop hives.•  Sudden Temperature changes: when children are exposed to diverse temperatures abruptly, it’s possible that they might develop hives. Moving from hot to cold areas and vice versa is a known cause for this condition. likewise, extended exposure to harsh sunlight or to severe cold weather could be a cause for this condition in kids.

Hives Treatment for Children

As mentioned above, hives are most likely to treat themselves. Antihistamines might be given to control the outbreak of this condition and your kid might be advised to stop the consumption of any particular food which causes this condition. The idea is to keep a tab of things that your kid did on the day such a breakout occurred.  

Gradually, you’d be able to know the actual cause and utilize the suitable hives treatment.   

Know More about Hives in Children

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