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Land Title Blog: Insult to Injury

 Land Title Blog:  Insult to Injury

The thing about property disputes is that you can lose the court battle.  Regardless of whether or not you have title insurance, you can still lose your house to a claim against your ownership.  the difference is, with title insurance, you have financial protection from that loss.  

To lose your home after your legal defense is bad enough, but to have to pay the court costs yourself is insult to injury.  Defense attorney fees start in the tens of thousands of dollars and only go up from there—open up your wallet, your retirement savings, and your kids’ college fund—but then if you lose your house after that, it’s like pouring lemon juice in the raw, gaping accounts where your money used to be.  

Title insurance stops the bleeding before it can start.  Sure, you can still have a challenge to your home ownership—anyone who can get hiccups can have a title claim filed against them—but title insurance provides the financial and legal treatment for it.  

You can prevent insult to injury with title insurance.  Rub your title insurance policy over the title claim and watch the healing begin.  No need to break out in hives over paying legal fees in defense of your property ownership if you have title insurance.  

Land Title Blog: Insult to Injury

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