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Last night my dog suddenly got hives on her paws and the sides of her belly. Would this be a sign of fleas?

1308870171 22 Last night my dog suddenly got hives on her paws and the sides of her belly.  Would this be a sign of fleas?

I gave her benadryl and they seem to be going away. the last time that I gave her benadrly was when we went to bed and this morning she still had the hives. She is acting fine and not scracting that much. I don't know if she is having a allergy to something, but we have not tried anything new. She was laying outside a lot yesterday I don't know if she was bit by a bug. Our mostiques are really bad here, would that cause hives? Please help

It's probably a sign of fleas. your vet can provide a treatment to get rid of them and even a shampoo to help with the itching until the bites have healed.

You mentioned that you have a lot of mosquitoes. Is your dog on heart worm prevention? If not, you will also want to talk to your vet about having your dog tested for heart worms. They are spread by mosquitoes and can be fatal if not treated.

Did you take her on a walk that evening or play with her? She might have gotten stung by a yellow jacket or a wasp.

I would take her to the vet just to be sure that it is fleas. You never know unless you take her to the vet.

Make sure she's on heartworm preventative.

hives and mosquito bites are two different things………. sounds like an allergic reaction since it is only on her feet and her side ( where she was walking and laying) KEEP HER INSIDE for a few days and see what happens

only thing i can come up with that others haven't is… did you have your lawn sprayed for weeds or bugs recently? it an allergic reaction to something. flea allergy wouldn't be in those specific areas only though, especially the paws.

one more thing, some townships, villages, etc spray for mosquitos and certain caterpillars, you might want to call and ask if they did in your area

I have a minpin that has had the same thing happen. so far, we have only had to give him benadrly and that has helped him. he has been seen by his vet and nothing has been found about these mysterious hives. it doesn't happen to him often and there is no certain time of the year for this, it has happened at least once in every season over the last 4 years.
I would suggest to continue to give benadrly at the onset, but to seek medical attention if this does not help.
Please be sure that you keep her on frontline plus or the equivalent (which will help in many ways) as well as heartworm preventative in order to avoid other more serious conditions. Especially if it turns out to be an allergy to mosquito bites.
Good luck with her and please let me know if your vet finds anything, as this could give my vet a starting point if my lil one happens to have the same condition as yours and continues to have hives more frequently.
Thanks for your interesting question, I will be keeping an eye out for any other responses, it could help both of us icon smile Last night my dog suddenly got hives on her paws and the sides of her belly.  Would this be a sign of fleas?

It's not a flea allergy. But it is an allergic reaction to something. the thing about dogs is that they don't get hayfever symptoms like humans do. They get allergy symptoms on the feet, legs belly area. sometimes it can be seen as hives on short haired dogs, or sometimes they just bite and scratch. You can't see a skin irritation on long-haired dogs.
If it were my dog, I would continue the Benadryl at mg/lb every four hours up to four times a day. As long as she was breathing ok, I know she would be fine. My dogs weigh about 5lbs each, so they would get 5mg.
Even food can cause an allergy, pollen from weeds, stings, etc. Dog allergies of all types show up this way. If it is a continual problem, the vet can prescribe some steroids for the dog.

It sounds like an allergic reaction….to what, only the vet can determine.

Fleas don't usually cause hives, but then again some dogs are allergic to fleas. Could be the mosquitos, or any number of things.

sounds like an allergic reaction. could be she was stung by something, bit by a spider or some other insect, rubbed against a bush/plant/tree etc that she's allergic too or came in contact with a pesticide or some other chemical. You can try bathing her in an oatmeal or cortisone based shampoo to rid her coat of anything topical that may be causing the hives as well as giving the benedryl

Last night my dog suddenly got hives on her paws and the sides of her belly. Would this be a sign of fleas?

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