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Light raised lumps all over face?

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What are light raised bumps on the face called, they are all over the face and clear about the size of a pin prick. they itch.
They don't look like the pictures of hives or exzema that I have seen.

they are called pimples or acne… follow this method …
holistic healing method may take 20 or more days….
you should avoid
`1. all milk products, namely milk,curd,buttermilk(chas-hindi),tea,cof… for two months..
2…you should avoid all sweets made of sugar, gur,honey…
3…you should avoid all sweet fruits for one month(mango,sapota,papaya,etc)and cool drinks.
4…you can take all wheat and rice preparations,ragi java,…
5. you should take daily 400 gms of uncooked cucumber( or 100 gms of radish) and 3 betel leaves daily.
6.you should avoid smoking and alcohols,nonveg,fish,eggs for 2months
write me kumrao99@yahoo.co.in

These are pimples which normally grow due to oily skin,you should avoid all fatty diets,red chilli and coffee etc. take simple diet and drink plain water in large quantity.Wash your face with a good soap and apply Bio Top Acne cream thrice a day.

Light raised lumps all over face?

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