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My dog has hives but I can't get her to the vet…?

hives child My dog has hives but I can't get her to the vet...?

My 3year old chihuahua is alergic to something, wednesday she got her nails clipped and got a perfume shot like she does every month.When we got home her belly was kinda red and she was scratching alot. I thought maybe it was the perfume so I imediately gave her a bath with her sensitive skin shampoo. this morning I checked her again and she has hives (red bumps) on her belly. her armpits are all red and one looks like she scratched til it bled. so maybe its not the perfume. im thinking that maybe its her "Bentiful healthy radiance, with real salmon and wholesome rice" food because shes only been switched from chicken for about a week. Could she be allergic to salmon? but I heard that when dogs are allergic to something they ate they throw up and she hasent thrown up yet. Shes really not like herself, she wont eat or drink anything (i even made her some of her favorite scrambled eggs). I cant get her to my vet because hes closed all weekend.what can i give her in the meantime? thanx icon smile My dog has hives but I can't get her to the vet...?

For a chihuahua I don't know the dosage for Benedryl. You need to call the vet and ask them how much to give. My Dachshund used to get hives and it was from the eggs in his dog food, but they can be caused by many things including the trip to the groomer.
Call the vet NOW>

I wouldnt stick with a vet who doesnt make housecalls…

switch her back to her normal food and take her to an emergency vet.

Here's a site with the dosage of Benedryl by weight.

Bentiful is a bad food. the first ingredient in a good food is meat, not corn. Read your dog food label.

I won't tell you what you can give your dog, but you can Google safe antihistamines and dosage yourself.

You need to take your pup to another clinic, it doesn't matter if it's NOT your vet, he needs an inti-inflammatory injection to relieve his itch. It's completely unfair to leave him be. he is in OBVIOUS discomfort.

ADD: Seriously. Put your dogs needs first over your own personal needs. the vet doesn't need to "talk" to you dog. please reconsider. what you're doing is unfair.

You need to listen. your poor, poor dog.

Give her a half or quarter (my 35lb pitt uses a half pill) of a Piriton or another form of antihistamine. that should calm her skin. My dog is forever getting hives from having super sensitive skin.
The drug will make her drowsy too.

I have a boxer/lab mix and he broke out with a similar, if not the same reaction a couple of months ago. Dont worry. if it is the same thing then your dog is not going to die or be permenantly hurt.

When we found out our dog had this condition we took him to the vet. the vet said it was "nothing". so foolishly we said ok. for the next week or so the dog was in a bad mood, didnt like to be touched, didnt eat much. We got a new vet. this time the vet diagnosed him and told us it was a kind of dog staff infection. (it wont be transfered to you).

The vet gave us some pills to give to the dog twice a day and some spray to but on the bumps once a day. in a week he was all better and couldnt be happier!

so i would say just wait untill you vet is back. you dog may not be in the best mood but he/she will not be in pain.

I hope this helps
best wishes to you and your dog:).

ps, no benydrill or anything. dont give the dog and kind of medication. this can be dangerous and can even kill the dog if your not carful

You could probably make it as a professional troll icon smile My dog has hives but I can't get her to the vet...?
If this is a real question, I pray for your dog.

Get her to an emergency vet. FYI Beniful is not a good quality food and why on earth re you giving any dog a perfume shot?.

TAKE her to a vet. NOW!!! Dogs can overdose and die on Benadryl especially a small dog.

My dog has hives but I can't get her to the vet…?

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