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My (skin) hives are not going away?

 My (skin) hives are not going away?

Two weeks ago, two massive itchy hives formed on my leg and torso while I was sleeping (this probably means that they were caused by dustmites). I took antihistamine medication and also applied some afterbite – but two weeks later, they're still here. the hives aren't itchy, but patches of red still remain.

Should I go see a doctor?

The doctor can give you Prednisone – and that will usually knock these things out. but you can't keep taking it forever as it's pretty poisonous stuff. however – Prednisone is a miracle.

Sometimes it only takes one good hit or Prednisone and you never see these things again.

Go see a doctor. you could be allergic to something else other then dust mites, you should take an allergy test.

My (skin) hives are not going away?

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