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Natural Cures For Hives and You – Read

 Natural Cures For Hives and You   Read

Natural cures for hives and .Yikes, you suddenly see a small rash of tiny water blisters forming on the top of your feet and moving up your body. if this is the first time you had this reaction, it’s really scary but only hives. As the hives cover other parts of the body, it becomes uncomfortable to appear in public, looking like an escapee from a measles encampment.

Hives are not just unpleasant to look at, they often quite painful or itch intensely. if you have the type that itches, of course, the first thing you want to do is satisfy the itch. This opens the blisters and often results in ugly sores and infection. Many of the remedies for hives involve applying a layer of pink liquid to reduce the itching. now, you’re lumpy, a little less itchy and a beautiful pastel pink.

Hives come from the body leaking histamine. When the body comes in contact with an offending substance, it’s a trigger for the mast cells, specialized white blood cells, to release histamines. The histamines cause the blood vessels to contract and it leaks the histamine out of the blood into the layers of skin around. The trapped liquid creates the bump and redness. It also produces reactions that vary from pain to intense itching.

Most of the remedies for hives focus on reducing the histamine production. Antihistamines, like Benadryl, Claritin or Allegra are a few of these on the market. The problem is that while they might relieve the symptoms, you often feel constantly sleepy. Even though these newer drugs have reduced side sleepiness, you still feel all dragged out and not at all ready to take on new projects.

The doctor may also offer an antidepressant like doxepin that also makes you sleepy. you have to wonder whether they treat the condition or just allow you to sleep through the itching and the pain.

A more drastic measure for tough cases are oral steroids like prednisone. Chronic steroid use creates more problems for the body than hives create. Osteoporosis, mood swings, cataracts, myopathy, adrenal suppression, growth suppression, increased weight and Cushing’s syndrome that includes a moon faced appearance, weight gain around the waist while the extremities waste away and buffalo hump are the best known.

If your hives come from an allergic reaction, most doctors recommend removing the offending substance from your personal space or diet. The problem occurs when they don’t know what caused the hives. often they recommend a course of prescription drugs and lotion to relieve the itching and the pain. since some hives come from exercising or heat, the doctors recommend you avoid excess activity and stay cool. This cuts a lot of your life away.

Another type of physical urticaria, hives from a physical stimulus, comes from exposure to the sun. (Only Count Dracula knows how to adequately protect himself from this cause of hives. icon smile Natural Cures For Hives and You   Read

So, is there any remedy for hives that doesn’t make you sleep, bloat, coat with a paste or hide out under an umbrella? The answer is yes. There are hives remedies that bring relief to the swelling, pain and itching it causes and it only takes a few drops a day to get relief.

Natural cures for hives have been around for a number of years but only recently has a company put together all the ingredients to reduce all the side effects of hives. your object of attention for hives relief is called OxyHives.

The formula uses all natural ingredients to reduce the painful, unsightly, itchy and uncomfortable symptoms of hives. This means that you no longer slather in pink or have to put chemicals into your body to get relief. you simply spray a mist under your tongue three times a day and feel your symptoms disappear. amongst a few effective natural cures for hives, give OxyHives a try.

Natural Cures For Hives and You – Read

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