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Need DOCTOR in PEORIA ILLINOIS who will listen about my hives.?

 Need DOCTOR in PEORIA ILLINOIS who will listen about my hives.?

Please let me know if anyone knows of a good doctor that will listen to symptoms and past history of chronic hives.

I got them in 1994 and they were in such a vicious cycle that they would not stop until I had a series of steroid injections and pills for one month. They would calm down and then slowly start up again in the legs and eventually spread everywhere. They are mostly in the legs and buttocks.

It seemed like I would get them when I had sinus infections paired up with stepping foot on a cold surface. Yes, cold floors set off the hives. Even pressure and touch when they were in overtime.

I had to write down all of my foods, and use a gentle baby soap with no smell made out of corn, I think. the laundry detergent was a no scent, anti-allergic baby laundry soap. because I have migraines on the side, my food is pretty limited. no soy sauce, no aged cheese, no restaurants, no chocolate. so that is not an issue. I am reviewing the histamine-free diet now and will try to be more gluten-free. what the hay.

All of those medical records with no diagnosis except "hives" and treatment with steroids is in another country where I lived 17 years. the temperature year around was 85°F and it was typical to have marble floors so they were always icy cold. I always wore my thongs (new word-flip flops). My feet take a long time to get warm because I had frost bite at the age of 10. That is what makes me think I am not so intolerant to cold because if I went back to the Midwest over the holidays, it would take a long time for my feet to heat up and they would get red, itchy welts.

When I finally took an aggressive treatment for sinus infection in that country. Changed diet to present, and drank a natural yogurt daily, I did not have them for 3-4 years. the yogurt I drank was a natural form that I have not been able to find here in the U.S. it looks like white coral or a white head of cauliflower. every day it had to be strained with a plastic sieve, to another glass, then pour sterilized water from a glass bowl, not metal to clean it, and then put it in a sterilized glass, fill up with milk, and put a cheese clothe with a rubber band to keep it clean and breath on the counter. the next day, the same process. That cauliflower looking stuff would grow and you could pinch it off and give to a neighbor for them to start their own. I have no idea how it gets started. That is the big secret. this yogurt was for people with stomach problems. after two months, I had no more symptoms of the hives. I was hive free.

We moved back to the states in 2006 and not until now do I have this again. the doctor in East Peoria told me to not use soap, do not use laundry soap, and make a diary of food. I explained to him that I have done that all before in the past and would like some other kinds of tests. I am back to square one and feel like crying. of course I will follow those orders but I would just like to be tested properly.

This itch is so maddening and I am not a complainer but it really pulls me down. if you say you broke out again, the family is like, oh, okay. you cannot help but become insensitive about this because it gets old when it happens for years. I am not ready to go back to this itch and waste another $3000 before some doctor decides to listen.

So, does anyone know of a good general physician in the Peoria area? I am on a network of doctors with the insurance and can even go anywhere in the state of Illinois. it would be nice to stay in this area where I live but I just want things ruled out.

I don't know about that type of yogurt but you can get plain yogurt that has not been pasteurized in whole Foods and health food stores. That is all I can offer on the yogurt issue except do some online research and see if you can figure out how to get a culture of your own going.

I had hives for 10 years and at the intensity of what you are talking about. I ended up on serevent or advair(both asthma meds) along with claritin that kept outbreaks from happening. Know another person that uses singulair and zyrtec. In retrospect, I wish someone had prescribed prozac for me to help me deal with how helpless I felt sometimes.

What broke the hives for me was going on a strict gluten free diet. I have been gluten free and hive free and medfree for 6 years now. much better than the fear of an outbreak everyday! Get tested for celiac disease before you go on a strict gluten free diet. But after the testing, try the gluten free diet anyway because you could be non celiac intolerant or allergic to one of the grains or gluten. also add a gluten free multivitamin and omega complex capsules. the hives quit happening after about a month on the diet.

As to doctor recommendations, find an allergist that is willing to work with you to try different meds until you are controlled. Allergists seem to work with the meds more than a gp. also another source would be the doctor recommended by a celiac disease support group for your area since they are used to searching for a difficult to diagnose condition. www.csaceliacs.org should have a group in your area or at least the state.

Good luck and if you have questions or just need someone to chat with, contact me through here.

My wife went through this a few years back. Thankfully, her's did resolve after a miserable summer. Like you, she did the soap/detergent/food logs and came up with nothing.

She was seen by an allergist as our PCP was at a loss of what to do. a biopsy of one of the hives was done and it showed autoimmune urticaria. it sounds like you have the same thing.

Do you have thyroid issues? Lupus?

I ask because the there is some research that shows a connection between all the autoimmune diseases. Here is a website that may just help:

Insist on a referral to an allergist. and good luck. Let us know how it goes.

Need DOCTOR in PEORIA ILLINOIS who will listen about my hives.?

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