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Non-red bumps on arms?

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There are these annoying bumps on my arms near my wrists. I just noticed them today, when I was taking off my jacket. It was about 87 degrees Farenheit out, so I had my sleeves rolled up. I noticed that the bumps stop approximately where my sleeves started. maybe it could be some kind of sunburn thing?

Okay, they don't itch. I'm just really, really scared. I don't want to go to the doctor quite yet, and I don't want to ask my parents yet either. I know it sounds weird, but they'll probably make me stay home just in case it's contagious. could they be hives? The bumps aren't really red, so I'm not sure.

Some extra information:
I recently started using Arm & Hammer Whitening Toothpaste. maybe it's an allergic reaction or something?
my throat hurts a little [almost like when you have a cough] and I have a headache. other than that I feel completely healthy. nothing hurts, not congested…
this morning I almost swallowed some bubblegum mouthwash. Does that have any effect on it?

Research a little, and tell your parents…after all, staying home is fun when you have video games icon razz Non red bumps on arms? ! and if it happens to be something deadly, all the better to save your skin (pun intended) with a trip to the doc. He's not that bad, really. Dentist is so much worse imo icon razz Non red bumps on arms?

Its possible that you just got abit of a sun blister or sunburn. if you start to have trouble breathing how ever i recomend you tell your parents that you may be having a allergic reaction to something. I would say if you have no difficulties its most likely a sun rash.

Non-red bumps on arms?

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