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A lot of people ask are hives contagious. if you’ve also asked could you catch hives from another person then you are most certainly not by yourself.

Hives is a skin condition which is wide-spread because approximately 20% of the population in North America are going to have a hives outbreak within their lifetime. there are many different different types of hives plus they can be activated by a number of factors. knowing the causes of urticaria will help you locate the best treatment for hives.

What causes Hives?

Hives can be the result of stress, change in temperature (both hot and cold) along with a number of environmental factors. in any particular instant it usually is tricky to pinpoint the real cause of your hives.

The most typical trigger of a hives outbreak is when your body releases histamines in response to an allergic reaction. the allergic reaction itself can be a result of a response to food products such as nuts, seafood, pet dander and also milk products. Hives can even be brought about by a reaction to medicines such as penicillin, prescription antibiotics and pain relievers.

Exactly what are Hives?

Hives are wheals that appear on the skin. They’re reddish, itchy, smoothly raised regions of the skin which can be blanched at the centre. They might differ in size from a few millimeters to several inches across and may appear anywhere on the body.

Hives are definitely more common in women than guys. it usually is very unpredictable; with the wheals themselves altering in size as well as moving about the body within a few hours. It’s true to state that a hives break out usually lasts less than one day.

Who might be most Affected By Hives?

Hives can affect anyone anytime irrespective of both race as well as age.  it can disappear as quickly as it appears and then sometimes returns with a lot more fury. so let’s see what we have learned thus far:

  • Hives (medically referred to as urticaria) appears as red, itchy raised regions of skin that appear in numerous sizes and shapes
  • Hives are extremely common and the trigger can be difficult to discover
  • Hives may change is shape and size quickly plus move about disappearing in one location just to show up in another
  • Hives may appear suddenly
  • Hives are typically triggered by a histamine release caused by an allergic reaction

Okay but now we know about hives why don’t we get back to the original question that was “are hives contagious?”

Are Hives Contagious?

Well the simple answer is no there’s always a trigger be it those we have already outlined. it may be caused by touch but that’s only because pressure has been put on the skin referred to as “pressure hives”. it isn’t due to the fact someone with hives has touched somebody else and “passed” on the condition.

There are urticaria treatments out there that can help such as a herbal hives spray.

(Bear in mind that prior to taking any medical advice that you confer with your doctor fist).

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