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Preparing Your Child’s 7th Birthday Party

 Preparing Your Childs 7th Birthday Party

A child looks forward to turning 7. It marks a level of maturation for him. make his 7th birthday party a blast. below are some birthday party theme ideas for your child’s 7th birthday. there are also suggestions for the invitations, decorations, food, drinks, games and activities.

A Safari Party is inspired by animals as well as jungle scenes or animal hunters. Your venue should have animal replicas along the entrance such as gorilla or lion statues. Balloons and other decorations should have the colors tan, orange, yellow and green. you can scatter fake vines made from paper on the venue, including fake snakes and worms hanging with it. Putting fake torches on the corners of the venue is also a nice idea as well as some man-made puddles or a swamp.

As background music, you can play animal theme songs and pre-recorded animal sound effects. you can also suggest to your guests to come in an animal costume, especially the children. For adults, they can dress up as safari hunters.

The Space Party theme can make your guests experience outer space and alien life forms as well as heavenly bodies like planets and stars. Your invitations should have planets or star designs, along with glow in the dark stickers or papers. For the decoration of the venue, you can design with planets and star images.

Serve food likened to shapes of the stars and planets. Use silver as the dominant theme color for an outer space effect. Using aluminum foils is a good idea. Giveaways could be alien stuffed toys and figurines.

The Garden Party theme is more on the flowery effect. Aside from having a garden as a venue, the decorations should be suitable for the theme as well. Have cut-outs of plants or animals. This is aside from the real plants in the garden. you can put bird or butterfly cut-outs attached onto the trees or plants within the vicinity. you can also display a cage with birds in it so as to set an even more garden-like ambiance.

Serve food of natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Young guests will love butterflies, bees and other insect-shaped foods like candies, cookies and biscuits. The games can consist of a simple contest like naming what animal or plants are in a picture. These should be simple animals even toddlers can easily distinguish.

For a Dog Party theme, make invitations with paw prints on it or puppy and doghouse images. Design the venue with fence replicas made from cardboard or thin plywood. a big doghouse exhibit can further emphasize the theme, where several kids can fit into, like a playground.

Serve food of bone shapes, especially the cookies and the biscuits. Tablecloths can also have paw or bone prints on it. Dog tags or collars can serve as name tags for the guests, and giveaways after the party.

The Bumble Bee Party theme can be quite attractive to kids. The invitation will have honeycomb prints or Bumble bee pictures, along with black and yellow stripes. Design the venue with replicas of hives hanging on corners or trees. Order a cake in the shape of a bee or a bee hive. The balloons can be striped yellow and black to make it appear similar to a bumble bee’s body. as for the guests, they can wear improvised bumble bee wings and headbands, along with a bumble bee antenna instead of the traditional party hats.

Preparing Your Child’s 7th Birthday Party

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