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Random itching! Breaking out into massive hives! Why?! – Hay fever.

Around two weeks after I moved into my college, I started getting itchy randomly. Some bumps would appear on my arm or my leg and then it would get a little itchy. After scratching a little bit, it starts growing into massive hives! My skin puffs up and it looks all swollen. This happens everywhere on my body – feet, legs, thighs, stomach, back, shoulders, face, neck etc. It's been happening for weeks. I've never had problems with allergies before, or at least I didn't know I was allergic to anything. when I go home on the weekends, I still break out into hives. I currently use Aveeno anti-itch concentrated lotion to relieve itching, but I'm still itching every single day. at first, it wasn't that big of a deal because the bumps would look like mosquito bites. now, those small bumps form and grow into a massive piece of puffy skin the size of my hand. It's incredibly frustrating to deal with.

Please help diagnose!

Sarah answered:My mum also had an alergy to cats but got through it for 18 years, basicly my mum, my dad and I all loved the cat and we were all devestated when it passed, try and get your husband to find a love for the kitten and show him how upset you guys would be if it went, try and talk to jim about it and try to come to some sort of agreement, hope i helped 1323065746 62 Random itching! Breaking out into massive hives! Why?! – Hay fever.

Maddie answered:Keep the kitten! Losing a kitten at seven years old is something your daughter will never forget. Your husband can see a doctor and have his allergy issues solved. Make an appointment and go with him.

Bryn answered:Does your husband have a documented cat allergy? You said he 'got used' to your existing cat. Has he seen a doctor to find out what the problem actually is, rather than just blaming the kitten?(ok, I know visiting the doctor isn't within the usual male psyche!) at this time of year it could be any sort of bug, or some other change, or stress, could have brought out a pre-existing allergy. Incidentally he won't be allergic to the fur, but the dander from the skin, and the saliva which comes off the fur after the cat has washed itself.

I'd say, persuade him to see a doctor, and get some proper medication. Persuade him to give the kitten a fair trial (say 2 months, 2 weeks isn't really enough), and play the sob card about how devastated your daughter will be to have to give up her birthday present (which I'm assuming was got with his full knowledge and consent). if after two months he's still no better, or is considerably worse you'll have to consider taking the kitten back, heartbreaking though it is. if this is going to be an option I would explain it to your daughter sooner rather than later, so it isn't sprung on her the day it happens. but if the decision is made to keep the kitten after your two months (or whatever) stick to it – no going back.

In the meantime you have go a major, ongoing, job of keeping your house spotless and hoovering up every last bit of hair and dander the cat drops. if you haven't already got one I'd suggest you invest in a super-duper allergy and dustmite busting HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner.

Seashell answered:Has he tried different allergy medicines such as zyrtec, claratin, or allegra? That may put him a little bit at ease. if that wont work, would u be able to put the kitten in a room of its own? For when your husband is home or awake. thats the only 2 options i can think of im sorry!

Susan at Nutro answered:Ask your husband to tough it out for a specific amount of time before you give the kitten back.I am allergic to cats and dogs and have never been without pets.the same goes for my mother.but every time I get a new pet it takes a while before I adjust.if I visit anyone with pets I get stuffed up because I'm not used to their animals, just my own.but it does take a while to acclimatize.You could also make your bedroom off limits to the kitten if necessary.That would reduce the amount of exposure for your husband.There are also allergy shots available if it doesn't get better.Good luck!

Random itching! Breaking out into massive hives! Why?! – Hay fever.

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