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1303324274 31 Rashes??????????

My 6 month old has not been well the last 5 days, she had a fever only once and was a lil pale and tired. Now she is better but still a little off, she is feeding and wetting nappies and things like that. She has no fever but yesterday a rash started on her forhead, and by thid morning it was everywhere, its lite pink and goes dark sometimes. we took her to the ER where they said she has a viral infection and sometime they get rashes with them.

I was wondering if anyone has had the same thing??

My nieces had that and the doctor told my Sister that its a genetic thing, it is a virus but its similar to like a Herpes virus (obviously not the bad kind). the outbreaks will come and go, but are not serious.

My boy, Drew, (he's 20 months) sometimes gets a heat rash, esp out here in Southern California. It could also be that.

I wouldnt worry.

Yes, I took my son to the er for the same thing and they said he had a viral exanthum..they said it would go away..it didnt pass and 2 days later I took my son to his regular dr. and he had a staph infection, just make sure if it doesn't clear up to get a second opinion.


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