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Should I use a Self Tanner?? How Do I apply It?

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I know it's tacky but here's the thing- I am possibly the palest thing you've ever seen (irish blood) and I haven't tanned a day in my life, my sunburns that i get within 20 minutes don't turn into tans, and on top of that, I am actually allergic to the sun. I get hives on my collar, arms, and thighs if I stay in the sun for any substantial amount of time. So natural tanning is definitely not an option. I would rather die than go to a tanning salon so there's no way that's happening. that really only leaves self tanners. I do not want a heavy or even moderate tan because any kind of drastic skin color change will be noticeably fake so I really only want an extremely light tan. is that possible with a self tanner? and if so what should I use? also, how do I apply it? do I put it on my face also? how will it look when it's fading? if I want a light tan, do I apply only a little bit of it? PLEASE help me!!!

Pictures of Examples of my Goal:

(the one on the right is what I want not the nasty dark one)


(this color is also very similar)


Take it from me! I have spent lots of money on self-tanners, and I have finally fell in love!

Too Faced Tanning Bed in A Tube.

as soon as you put it on, you get an instant glow (which you don't get with jergens)

tans skin, without streaking. doesn't rub onto clothes. not a strong scent. moisturizes skin.
and i cannot emphazine hooow much it moisturizes, my skin hasn't been this soft in ages!

attached a picture below. about 30 dollars, but well worth it!

good luck xoxo

I am very pale and so is my sister. my sister is a blonde and uses self tanners all the time and never looks orange or unnaturally dark. by a light self tanner, most good self tanners have levels. Apply the tanner very lightly, by rubbing it into your skin while wearing gloves. you don't want orange palms. Buy a special self tanner for the face for your face, or just use a powered bronzer. When it starts to fade, you will just have to apply more. It fades pretty gradually.
I used to apply mine in my bathing suit.
Or you can go to a salon where they have a spray booth. They can spray a fake tan on you. That's a lot easier then using self tanners. Becuase with self tanners you have to apply about the same amount of tanner to the same amount of space on your body so it doens't look patchy.

It is possible to get a light tan, not a lot of people want to look orange. for a light tan you just want to get a self tanner that looks light! Possibly in Ivory shades as Ivory is a very light color.

How to apply it;
First, take a shower. Wash your body with a exfoliating body wash. Pay attention to the parts of your skin that are more thick and/or stretchy like the underarms, elbows, bikini line, heels, & the top of your feet.
Second, pat your skin dry. make sure that the room is not steamy or humid.
Third, in circular motions start applying the self tanner & start at the top of your feet. Pay extra attention to the parts that you exfoliated well (underarms, elbows, bikini line, heels, & the top of your feet) since these areas tend to get darker.
Fourth, watch the time! make sure that you stop applying after 5 minutes. then wash your hands with soap & warm water, if you want use a nail brush to make sure you do not have any self tanner under or on top of your nails.
Fifth, continue working the self tanner up to you neck. make sure you don't miss any spots like the back of your hands, inside of your wrists, & the sides of your torso. make sure you stop every 5 minutes & wash your hands.
Sixth, apply the tanner onto your neck and face but make sure you don't miss the hairline.
Seven, your finally done applying it. Wash your hands one more time & if possible, use a nail brush! If any parts are to dark apply a little lotion to the area to lighten it up.
Eight, wait 15 minutes or more. Stand with your arms straight out to avoid any creased tan lines.
Nine, when your dry put on loose fitting clothing. Wait 2 to 3 hours & then you will start seeing the color show up.

Good luck self-tanning!

I am the same way but i reccomend not using self tanner, although it is expensive its best to get a spray tan at the place because doing it at home can go horribly(very experienced) especially the first time, it can come out very blotchy and you may have a reaction to it. if you do decide to tan yourself do it exactly as it says on the bottle because every one is different

Should I use a Self Tanner?? How Do I apply It?

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