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Skin Allergy Symptoms

 Skin Allergy Symptoms

Posted on August 28, 2011 in Skin Allergies

When you develop itchy, bumpy and red skin, these may be the signs of skin allergies. Whether it can be an allergy to something you touched or something you ate, the skin allergy symptoms are developed by immune system on reacting to substances like food, plants or insect bites. the immune system triggers an allergic response on getting exposed to certain allergen, therefore releasing histamine compound. This chemical causes skin allergy symptoms and various other allergic reactions in the lungs, nasal passages and digestive tract as well.

Skin Allergy Symptoms Skin allergy can take any form such as hives and contact dermatitis. these both are the common skin allergy symptoms.

Hives – one of the major skin allergic reactions. In the United States, nearly 25% people experience hives once in a lifetime. Hives that occur with skin allergy are not contagious and usually develop from exposure to certain foods, plants, insects or medications. Skin allergy associated with hives last for nearly 4 days. the symptoms associated with hives include:

  • Red and raised bumps with pale centers that range from half to several inches in width
  • Severe itchy rash
  • Changes in the shape, location and size of hives
  • Various shapes of bumps

Contact Dermatitis – This is another major skin allergic reaction. This occurs as a result of direct contact of allergen with the skin. Skin allergy cannot be the only cause, but there are other reasons also for contact dermatitis. If the contact dermatitis occurs as a result of skin allergy, then the symptoms occur only at the site of allergen contact. Symptoms associated with contact dermatitis include:

  • Bumps
  • Red rash
  • Blisters which drain fluid
  • Itching
  • Dry and red skin patches

These are the skin allergy symptoms associated with conditions like hives and contact dermatitis.


Skin Allergy Symptoms

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