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Staph infection or other?

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I found a bump in my pubic area that hurt as little but not much. I popped it and white puss came out. I read if white puss and not watery clear fluid then it is a staph infection. Also no crusting or scare. After puss came out then no pain or anything, I couldn't even tell it was there. Bump lasted a few days then disappeared. Could this be staph? is it contagious?

Also have hives on legs/arms/ stomach area that itch slightly but go away in a day or 2 if I don't itch (about a week if I itch). Was given ointment and seems to help I think as hives less frequent now. Hives have just a bump like a bug bite (no puss, fluid or anything). usually just 1-2 bumps at a time. began a few months after I having a child. Started with puffy bottom lip then small bumps on cheek that itchy slightly, no puss, and went away in a few days.

Could this all be related or just 2 different things? Hives and a staph infection, Herpes, or other?

It's hard to say. I had staph for many a year, and never got any sort of hives or bumps. I got boils, and nothing else. usually, boils are quite painful, so if there was no pain, I would be hesitant to call it a staph infection. It's possible that you had an ingrown hair, or a pimple, and not a boil. The best way to tell will be time. Unfortunately, staph is "contaigious" in that certain people can get it. I know my whole apartment complex got it from the pool (that's how I got it), yet only certain people seem to have it for years like I did (my parents only had short bouts with it). so the best thing to do will be to keep an eye on it. But I wouldn't worry just yet.

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Staph infection or other?

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