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Strange red hives/rash… have had it for over a week! Please help!?

1311678220 62 Strange red hives/rash... have had it for over a week! Please help!?

About a week ago I got hives on my knee around where I had a cut on my knee – I thought maybe it was a reaction to the ointment I was using, so I stopped using it. The hives remained, but weren’t as itchy. two days later, I tried another ointment – same thing happened. Overnight, the hives spread down my shin. So I stopped using the ointment. The next morning I woke up with the hives on my other leg, as well as up my thigh on the original leg. by the end of that day it had also spread to one of my arms. It is now covering both of my arms, both of my legs, my face, my neck, my ears, and my stomach below my bellybutton. I don’t know what it is. I went to my doctor yesterday and he said it must just be an allergic reaction to something. He gave me a prescription strength anti-histamine and a topical cream and sent me on my way. I thought it would be over then, but as of right now (24 hours after I started using the antihistamine and the topical cream) the hives (or whatever it is) have also spread to my forehead (before they were just on my checks), my hands, and some fingers. I can’t go out in public, and have to wear sweatshirts and jeans all the time when I do… in the middle of July!

They’re small, red, raised bumps, and when I scratch them they get bigger and form "blisters" on top. Some of them are in clusters of five-six-ish Whereas some are just scattered out on their own. They're worst on the leg they started on (100% covering my knee) and are more scattered everywhere else (with some clusters here and there)

Please, if anyone has any ideas as to what this is, I’d love to know!
I’m sixteen, a girl, relatively healthy, etc. I haven't changed anything about my diet, etc. recently – no one else in my family is experiencing this.

I leave for France in a month and would like this cleared up by then… by the time school starts at the latest (I’m starting my Senior year and would to take my grad pictures without red hives on my face…)

not sure what you are allergic to, but i had an allergic reaction to a pain medication over the counter once that gave me hives just like you are having.
my doc gave me a prescription for a higher dose of benedryl. i had to take it 3 times a day for 30 days. after about 2 weeks the hives were all but gone. hope this helps.

If this is a reaction, obviously it has made it through your blood stream and thus it is spreading. It could be chicken pocks or something similar. Some things like poison ivy can spread if you scratch and touch other part of your body. maybe attempt to see a skin specialist.

Strange red hives/rash… have had it for over a week! Please help!?

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