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Symptoms of hives…?

 Symptoms of hives...?

I am allergic to ants and i havent been bitten since i was 2 so i wouldbnt know what kind of reaction i would be having. i was bitten by 2 ants. i think i might be breaking out in hives. please help im home alone and i dont know what to do!

Call the emergency department of your local hospital and ask.. Red ants can cause terrible bites. If you have many bites then you need to see a doctor.

calm down, take some Benadryl, that will help

You need to contact your parents or nearest adult and tell them what happened. If you have trouble breathing or swallowing you should call 911 for EMS. Hives is an itchy rash usually starts on neck arms and stomach. for mild case Benadryl gives relief.

Definitely call an adult right away. You may need something like benadryl and a quick trip to the emergency room or urgent care center to be checked out. If you can't get anyone on the phone you may need to get help from a neighbor.

Symptoms of hives…?

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