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The Freeport News – Ever considered taking Krill Oil?

 The Freeport News   Ever considered taking Krill Oil?


ever considered taking Krill Oil?

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A tiny shrimp like crustacean species called krill is found in the oceans surrounding Antarctica. Krills are used for aquaculture, sport fishing bait, aquarium feed and as food.

The oil extracted from these creatures is called Krill oil. Krill oil has gained a lot of importance because years of scientific research and clinical studies have proven that it has a lot of health benefits.

It is sold as a nutritional supplement and also helps in treating high cholesterol, aching joints, blood pressure problems, PMS symptoms, etc.

It is safe and natural. and more importantly, it is renewable. it is found abundantly in the cold waters off Antarctica.

What gives krill oil an edge over other marine oils is the fact that it is full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids and is a very potent antioxidant. it is this unique combination of essential ingredients that is responsible for the health benefits that krill oil gives.

Krill oil has a healthy balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, both of which are important in your diet. These fatty acids fight infection, help prevent inflammation related diseases like heart ailments, diabetes and arthritis and prevent blood clots. They also help to lower blood pressure.

So think of all those fried foods you would have consumed all week long and how far they push your body out of balance; then think about how long you would have been eating fried foods and how old the oil would be when you consume all these fried foods.

These are fats that keep our cells working by forming a protective membrane around each cell to block out toxins and disease forming free radicals.

The fats in krill oil resemble the phospholipids found in the brain that maintains the brain chemical that controls the memory.

So, as we get older we start forgetting a lot and we blame it on age and not the stuff we have been eating for the past 50 years.

Ironically, when this happens we want to take one bottle of Krill oil and expect the problem to be corrected right away.

Also, our sleep patterns are affected by the foods we eat and when you do not sleep well you age faster and by this I mean not laying down in bed, but sleeping.

Other areas that are affected would be muscle function, mood and organs like the heart.

Besides keeping you healthy, the rich mixture of antioxidants in krill oil sustains its shelf life. Through krill oil your body receives a supply of vitamins a, D and E, minerals like sodium, potassium and zinc and large quantities of the B-Complex nutrient, choline.

But above all, the most powerful antioxidant that krill oil carries is astaxanthin.

This nutrient fights free radicals within the body and protects the blood- brain barrier, this leads to protection of the brain, eye and central nervous system.

When the body is said to oxidise in layman’s term this means rusting of the body.

Yes, just like how you see metals rust, so do our bodies, some faster than others, just take a look at one of your pictures of when you were younger, let’s say 20 years younger, and notice the difference in how your body looks now, years later.

Krill oil in the cure

of various ailments

Premenstrual Syndrome – Studies suggest that krill oil can help to reduce the symptoms of PMS.

High Cholesterol – Krill oil is being researched as a natural remedy to lower bad cholesterol. In a conducted study it proved to be more effective in reducing LDL and increasing HDL compared to fish oil.

Arthritis – When compared to a placebo in a study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, krill oil was found to be more effective at reducing arthritis symptoms and inflammation.

Astaxanthin – This bright red coloured pigment is what gives the krill their pink colour. it performs the function of crossing the blood brain barrier and protecting the brain and nervous system from free radical damage.

It also protects the eyes and skin from harmful UV radiation. it also helps in regulating hormones.

Other health benefits – Krill oil helps you maintain a healthy immune system and improves cognitive reasoning. it also develops a better memory and increases concentration and focus.

The cell membranes are protected because a virtual wall is built around them when you consume krill oil. Cancer causing free radicals are blocked and cannot latch onto cells.

Krill oil helps in reversing signs of ageing by slowing the deterioration of collagen.

The side effects of

Just like every coin has two sides, krill oil has certain side effects along with all the benefits it provides. it is best to consult a doctor before including it in your diet. While it may be advantageous to most, some people may not take to it. Certain side effects are:

Diarrhoea – due to the high content of fatty acids in krill oil some people may suffer from loose stools. These supplements may also cause indigestion, so it would be good to start with 1 capsule to asses your tolerance level.

Allergies – anyone with shellfish or other fish allergies could prove to be allergic to krill oil. This is because krill is a species of shellfish.

The allergic reaction could be moderate to severe and result in hives, swelling of the neck, tongue, face, lips or the inside of the throat. One could experience severe abdominal pain, loose motions, indigestion, lightheadedness, fainting, trouble breathing or a tickling in the mouth.

Drug Interactions – If you are taking any blood thinners – anti platelet or anticoagulant medication like aspirin, heparin, warfarin, non steroidal anti inflammatory medications, etc. you should avoid taking krill oil supplements without consulting a physician.

If you are taking any herbs or supplements that may increase the risk of bleeding then you must be cautious while taking any krill oil supplements.

Just like any other supplement or vitamins, taking the right dosage of krill oil is very important. Though it is non toxic you are better off consulting a doctor on the appropriate dosage. Krill oil is quite powerful and can have a positive effect on your body quite fast. you can look at different guidelines on the right dosage, but the exact dosage for each individual will vary depending on the size and metabolic rate of the person.

One of the normal krill oil dosage guideline suggests: Small People – People with a small frame should start with a loading dosage of two krill oil gel caps – 2 grams – per day for a few weeks. Then they can adjust to a maintenance dosage of one gel cap – 1 gram per day.

Average Sized People – They should start with a loading dose of 1.5 grams per day – three gel caps – for about two weeks and then adjust the maintenance dose to 1 gram per day. Large People – People with large frames can follow the same loading dosage as for average sized people, but should continue taking it for about 30 days after which they can switch to the maintenance dose of 1 gram per day.

Krill Oil vs Fish Oil

Omega 3 is an important part of your diet and DHA and EPA are very vital Omega 3 Essential fatty acids. Both fish oil and krill oil contain these fatty acids. Both are believed to reduce inflammation, promote heart and cardiovascular health, elevate mood levels and promote fat loss. While both fish oil and krill oil are good nutritional supplements, each has some benefits over the other.

It is believed that krill oil contains more antioxidants like astaxanthin compared to certain brands of fish oil. Astaxanthin is easily absorbed into the body, giving good health benefits. However, the top brands of fish oil contain added astaxanthin and provide a larger quantity of it compared to krill oil.

The general consensus is that DHA is more important than EPA. Around 50 percent of the make-up of the brain is DHA and when you buy omega 3 supplements, it is primarily for the DHA. Calculating the cost of the DHA that you are buying becomes a good point to compare krill oil and fish oil. When comparing krill oil and fish oil capsules you will find that the DHA in krill oil soft gels turns out to be significantly more expensive than the DHA present in fish oil capsules. Krill oil is quite low in DHA.

Even though the common perception is that krill oil is less contaminated compared to fish oil, this is not really the case. Airborne contamination and man made pollution are affecting all parts of the world. All forms of omega 3 oils are likely to show some degree of contamination. it is important to check on the cleanliness levels of supplements that you buy. the only way to buy completely clean, good quality Omega 3 fatty acid supplements is to buy ones that have undergone rigorous decontamination. a good way to ensure this is by checking the certificate of analysis of the oil which is usually found on the website.

Numerous studies have confirmed that DHA and EPA omega 3 fats improve your health. but there is no concrete evidence that krill oil supplements are superior to fish oil capsules.

Krill oil supplements are rich in vitamins a and D. These are absent in fish oil. but these are beneficial only if you are not taking any other multivitamins.

However, excess intake of the vitamins may not be a good thing.

The liquid krill oil supplements often have a strong, fishy flavour that may prove to be unpleasant to many people. you can buy a liquid supplement which has added fruit flavours or one that has been treated to remove the bad tasting impurities. However, you can opt for soft gel capsules to avoid this problem altogether. They are encapsulated and easy to swallow and leave no aftertaste in the mouth.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that certain studies have found that the side effects of krill oil are more prominent in people taking it in the liquid form compared to the soft gels. However, the soft gels are usually significantly more expensive.

Krill oil for women

Krill oil has several benefits, but one must keep in mind that even though a lot of companies claim that it is free of any type of contamination, this is not necessarily true. being in the North Atlantic Ocean there is a high chance of contamination, especially by organochlorine pesticides. for this reason pregnant women must be very careful and consult with a physician before they start taking krill oil supplements. Mercola produces a krill oil supplement with Evening Primrose oil to help women with hormonal imbalance.

Krill oil for Kids

Krill oil has the potential to improve concentration, focus and memory. All these things are beneficial for kids, especially those children who find it difficult to settle down and concentrate on their work, in other words it is exellent for hyperactive kids. the choline and DHA present in krill oil supplements promote good health and help in brain development.

These preliminary studies set the stage for the first study using krill oil to address ADHD – in this case, adult ADHD. Adult ADHD is what happens when children with ADHD grow up. While the pharmaceutical stimulant Ritalin has its side effects, and coffee only gets you so far, studies are amassing, showing the underlying problem may be partially related to omega-3s and phospholipids – the very same molecules that are part of krill oil’s unique attributes. a 2007 study sponsored by the International Organization of ADHD found that 500mg per day of krill oil for six months led to these impressive results:

60.2 percent improvement in concentration and working capacity

39.0 percent improvement in ability to focus

48.8 percent improvement in social skills

34.2 percent improvement in ability to manage money

50.0 percent improvement in planning skills

34.5 percent improvement in driving capacity and road safety skills

One of the study’s researchers, Leslie Rouder, said: “Omega-3s are one of the most important supplements in treating the ADD brain. He also recommend fish oil to all of his clients and takes NKO Krill oil every day himself.”

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Published Date: Oct/25/11

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The Freeport News – Ever considered taking Krill Oil?

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