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The Relation Between Stress and Hives

 The Relation Between Stress and Hives

Hives are a kind of skin rash regarded as groups of flat pale red raised inflammation on the skin. Rashes like this normally do not last; it can stay on from few minutes to few weeks.

It is very itchy and also can cause sting or burn creating extreme discomfort. there are lots of people who wonder if stress can cause hives? YES Is the answer. Skin is the biggest organ of our body, which it is extremely sensitive.

As we know, hormonal imbalanced can also be the cause of stress and can have an effect on overall health. between 15-20 percent of people is found to have hives also known as urticaria.
Affects on women are twice as frequently as men. Hives rashes can crop up on any part of the body and its size can vary from few millimeters to a foot. Recognizing the causes of hives are a bit d tricky as there are quite a few issues contributing it.

There are 2 types of hives and they are -

1) Ordinary hives: It can appear unexpectedly on few places of the body that turns the affected part red and itchy and can last from few days to weeks. It will be considered as chronic if it last for more than 6 week.
2) Physical hives: It can appear when the skin is stimulates or irritates by something. Physical hives are caused due to scratching, exercise, pressure, water, heat or cold and sunlight.

If you want to know if stress can cause hives you need to focus on the following to understand hives more.

1) Ordinary hives are caused due to certain food for example; berries, fish, chocolates, nuts and milk. Viral infections, insect bites or a certain medication can trigger the symptoms of ordinary hives.
2) Physical hives are sometimes cause by the sun, water and the cold.

Other possible triggers include stress, fungus, perfumes or deodorants, pets, bacteria etc.

The Relation Between Stress and Hives

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