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The Right Treatment For Hives

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As hives are a common skin disorder that people from all over the world suffer from, it is necessary for us to have idea on treatment for hives. the medical name for Hives is Urticaria and in most of the cases, hives are temporary. Skin gets red and blotchy and patches of swelling might occur. even though initially hives are smaller in size like that of a bite from mosquito, they gradually become larger.

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Hives are even known to change location. For example, hives might start from feet and might gradually shift to calf or thigh area. the shifting can take days or even hours.  even though hives is temporary, it is better to get proper hives treatment in case that hive is recurring or chronic.  if hives stay back for 6 weeks then this is an indication of chronic hives.

Before going into Treatment For Hives, we should have idea on what causes hives. although it is kind of difficult to ascertain the reason that triggers hives, from the case studies, it is seen that hives are caused by different forms of allergies. Hives can occur due to allergies such as food allergy, medicine allergy and alcohol allergy. Sudden change in weather can also trigger hives. Menopause, Pregnancy, Illness such as diarrhea, thyroid, viral flu etc. can also cause hives. Now that we have learned about causes for hives, let us now learn about some hives treatments.

Although there are medications for hives, it is always better to go for natural treatment for hives. the first and easiest natural hives treatment includes applying Vitamin E cream or Aloe Vera gel over the infected are. Consuming cool drinks such as peppermint drink also works as another natural treatment for hives. Natural treatment for hives are more appealing and alluring as they are  cost efficient, easy to make and has no side effects. These natural remedies can be made from the herbs and natural goods that we have at home and therefore it saves time and is good for our health as they do not contain harmful chemicals.

Applying sandalwood essential oil can soothe the effects of hives. taking a few drops of sandalwood in cotton and applying it in the affected area had been one of the most common and popular natural treatments for hives. it has been greatly used in hives affected areas of Native America. Mint oil can also be applied in the same way. another way of soothing the irritated hives affected area is making mint ice cubes and placing it on the hives affected area. the best part is that the unused mint ice cubes can be stored in the freezer in a plastic bag for future use. Quercetin also helps hives sufferers.

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This is a natural treatment for hives. Quercetin is a plant pigment present in leafy green vegetables and other foods. it is also found in apples and onions. this natural treatment for hives can reduce hives or can permanently eliminate hives. it is therefore known as one of the best natural treatment for hives. Sandalwood, madhuka, henna, cassia, basil etc, herbs can be made into paste and then applied to the affected area as they have soothing and inflammatory properties in them. Other then soothing the irritated areas, this natural treatment for hives also helps to reduce the swollen areas.

Natural Treatment For Hives

Natural treatment for hives is really popular as they do not have any kind of side effects. Medical treatments should be sought only if hives are not responding to the natural homemade remedies as even though medicines can provide immediate relief to the hives sufferer, they cause side effects if used for longer period of time. and therefore people should seek for natural treatment for hives.

The Right Treatment For Hives

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