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The Symptoms and Causes of Hives

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1321596938 27 The Symptoms and Causes of HivesYou just had a sweaty workout around the park with your trusty sweat pants and your hair tied in a knot. You were jogging, stretching and doing all the moves you do in order to keep your body in shape without the help of the gym. Just when you were about to hit the shower, you begin to notice a skin rash all over your body. Not only is it raised, it is pale red and excessively itchy too. You start to panic, thinking that it might be something that you ate or something that you touched. Then, out of nowhere, you realize that you just might be suffering from hives, otherwise known as urticaria in the medical field. So what are the hives causes and what are the different types of hives?

Urticaria originated from the Latid word urtica, which means to burn. the hives causes can also be learned simultaneously by learning about the classifications of hives. As of now, there are twelve recognized classifications of hives. the first is the acute urticaria, with symptoms that immediately show up but goes away for a few hours until several weeks the latest. in stark contrast, the chronic urticaria can last for more than 6 weeks. twenty percent to fifty percent of urticaria sufferers have claimed that the red rashes lasted up until a year. the drug-induced urticaria, as its name suggests, is brought about by reaction to certain drugs such as anti-diabetic drugs, sulfonamides, aspirin and penicillin. On the other hand, the physicial urticaria is the result of firm stroking of the skin, scratching or itching. This is usually not itchy compared to the usual urticaria. the pressure or delayed pressure urticaria is the skin’s response to a sustained pressure put upon on the skin. Typically, this type of urticaria only appears for about six hours after the application of pressure.

Another type of urticaria is the stress type, which occurs after an intensive activity that results to an increase in the body’s core temperature. These activities include sweating, exercise or saunas. the spots often show up for about 60 to 90 minutes. On the other hand, the cold type commonly manifest after the skin is exposed to cold temperatures. in stark contrast, the heat type show up after an application of heat to the body for approximately two to five minutes. the solar type of urticaria manifest when the skin has been continuously exposed to the sun. It only lasts for about a few hours. the water type of urticaria is extremely rare as it only occurs when the skin comes in contact with water. the hives show up one to fifteen minutes after contact and can last for up to two hours.

The vibratory angioedema is another rare type of hives that only manifest after the skin comes in contact with vibration. However, unlike other types of urticaria, the rashes are pretty intense and painful. the symptoms can also last for roughly an hour after it develops. Last but definitely not the least is the exercise-induced anaphylaxis. This is a potentially fatal urticaria that occurs during exercise. It can progress from shock to death, manifesting symptoms of itchiness, hives, low blood pressure and shortage of breath. As you would now realize, the different hives causes can also be derived from its classification.

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The Symptoms and Causes of Hives

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