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Tips for dealing with allergies

 Tips for dealing with allergies

When an allergy is active, the body releases histamine to fight off the allergy-causing substance — an allergen. Histamines cause itching, swelling, redness and watering of the skin and eyes, mucous production, rashes, hives and other symptoms.

Allergies are not contagious, though there is a genetic link. if parents have allergies then their children are likely to also have allergies, but different members of the family may be allergic to different things and have a greater or lesser allergic response, according to an article in the the Journal of Allergy and Clinical in February 2010.

When it comes to treating allergies there are many over-the-counter options, which come in pills, nasal sprays, eye drops and topical creams in both prescription and generic strengths. Local storyteller Julie Barnson relies on a combination of nasal sprays and Allegra to keep her up and running every spring and fall, though she finds her allergies do well during the winter when there is nothing green and growing adding pollens to the air.

In some cases, allergic responses are extreme and can cause impairment or death due to airway swelling or anaphylaxis. anyone suffering from consistent allergic reactions should speak to their family doctor or contact an allergist for further testing and long-term treatments, which may include daily medications or allergy shots to reduce the reactions, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians.

There are also many nondrug options that can be used to help prevent or treat allergy symptoms.

* Carpets and older upholstery can hold dust, dander and pollens that are released any time they are stepped on or vacuumed. Replacing carpets with wood or tile flooring reduces these releases. certain vacuums and other cleaners with HEPA filters may also help.

* Jackets and shoes carry outdoor allergens into the home, and removing them at the door can help keep allergens in one area.

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