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Traders fear parking free-for-all chaos

 Traders fear parking free for all chaos

Last updated at 20:07, Thursday, 10 November 2011

Traders in Workington fear a street parking free-for-all in the busy run up to Christmas.

Neil Wordsworth: ’We don’t want people abusing this’

It comes after Allerdale council put in a notice of termination for parking enforcement.

This means motorists can park on double yellow lines without getting a ticket after an agreement between the county council and Allerdale expired on October 31.

The county council is legally responsible for policing on-street restrictions but hives off the job to district councils, along with administration of residents’ parking permits.

Copeland council ended its agreement in March, since then there has been a parking free-for-all there.

However, Allerdale council has agreed in principle to a new agreement that would see it run on-street enforcement throughout both Allerdale and Copeland. The deal has yet to be formally signed.

Graeme Cameron, 42, owner of Sole it Lock it in Murray Road, Workington, said: “The worry is that people will park all day and there will be no space for people who just want to nip into town.”

Alison Short, 41, owner of Alison’s Attic in Murray Road, said: “it could encourage people to park all day which could cause problems. there needs to be free parking somewhere else.”

Neil Wordsworth, 38, manager of Pets Paradise in Finkle Street, said: “We are against the half an hour parking but we don’t want people abusing this and parking here all day, which will drive off even more custom.”

Colin Glaister, 29, owner of Jack’s Fresh Fruit and Veg on Vulcan’s Lane, said: “Some customers and delivery drivers have had tickets for parking outside for two minutes yet there have been others parking all over the place who haven’t.”

A spokesman for Stagecoach, which runs bus services, warned: “it would be a retrograde step if this took place. it is important that our buses have full access to designated bus stops.”

A county council spokesman said: “We are in talks with Allerdale council to agree an arrangement where their parking officers will enforce on street parking restrictions in both Allerdale and Copeland.

“this agreement could be triggered at any time, at which point parking enforcement officers will be on the streets ticketing illegally parked cars.

“therefore drivers should not park illegally or they risk getting a ticket as soon as enforcement begins.”

first published at 19:24, Thursday, 10 November 2011 Published by http://www.timesandstar.co.uk

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Traders fear parking free-for-all chaos

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