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Treatment for hives in adults: 5 cures for chronic urticaria

 Treatment for hives in adults: 5 cures for chronic urticaria

If you are hypersensitive to anything, then you may experience hives from time to time, which are itchy, raised welts that comes up on your skin when you get in contact with the substance that you are allergic to.  the product that you are allergic to will release chemicals and histamines into your blood that causes these reactions.  the swelling will occur after the tiny veins and capillaries have leaked the fluid that gets trapped in the lining of your membranes and your skin.

These welts that appear on the skin will either be small or if you have a very serious allergic reaction, the welts may spread and become so large that they end up forming together.  In the case of hives, the welts will turn white or blanches when they are pressed.  if you have been searching for a remedy for your hives, you will be happy to know that there are numerous cures on the market.  These cures come in both chemical and natural remedies and if you have been looking for natural remedies for hives, continue reading and you will learn of some of the best ones available.

The natural remedy for hives, while they will remove the outward appearance of your allergies it will not prevent them from coming up and the only way for you to prevent the reactions is if you stay away from the product that you are allergic to.

  • If you cut out chemical drinks, coffee, alcohol and tea from your diet, you will realise that your welts will go away faster because you will be reducing your sugar intake, which helps to keep the welts longer.  you should therefore, stick to drinking mineral and filtered water during the period of your breakout.
  • You should use cornstarch and oatmeal: combine this together using two tablespoons of each with some water to create a paste and then rub onto the affected area and let it stay for 20 minutes.
  • You should also think about drinking green tea as this holds antioxidants that will help bring down the swelling faster.
  • You should also refrain from scratching the welts.  if you feel them scratching, you should dip a towel into cold water and then place it on the bumps.  This will help alleviate the itch and the pain as well.
  • Try using some vitamin E oil or Aloe Vera gel at least three times per day.

If you have hives then you should be glad to know that you can get rid of them simply by using some natural remedies for hives instead of going to the doctor and getting some prescription drugs.

Treatment for hives in adults: 5 cures for chronic urticaria

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