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Treatment For Hives

 Treatment For Hives

Urticaria or Hives is an allergic disorder in which there will be pink swelling areas like welts appears on the skin. They appeared as clusters and rarely cause any damage to the skin. They can be very itchy and irritating for the diseased. They last for not more than 24 hours usually but in chronic hives cases they remain on the body for more than 6 weeks and reoccur over and over again. Hives are so much common that almost 15-20 percent population might have faced this skin disorder. before going for any treatment of hives it is necessary to look at the factors responsible for its cause.

Any common allergen that can trigger the growth of histamine production inside the body can be a cause of hives. one such type of allergen can be IgE antibodies which are produced inside the blood stream. these IgE antibodies attach themselves with the mast cells and begin to produce excess histamine that can trigger the onset of hives. Some causative allergen related to our food can be chocolates, eggs, shell fish, soy, some food additives and colorants. apart from these, cat’s dander, insect bites, sudden change in temperature and pollen grains can also trigger the hives rash. one other important factor that can trigger the hives rah is stress.

Hives Treatment

Treatment of Hives is done like any other skin problem. first, some allergy related tests are carried out of blood that can determine the causative allergen of hives. Also patient’s dietary history, his lifestyle is scrutinized by the doctors so that they can easily find the correct allergen. Once the correct allergen is found then the patient is advised to keep himself away from that allergen.

If hives are causing a great deal of discomfort to the patient then doctors will prescribe anti histamine drugs like benadryl, loratidine, etc. however, in mild hives cases some home remedies can also be beneficial. Herbal teas made from Red Alder tree is known for its hives treating medicinal capabilities. Also a thin lotion of milk of magnesia or even Calamine lotion can be very effective for treating hives.

In life threatening case of hives, a patient may feel swallowing and breathing problems because of swelling of food pipe and some internal organs. in such cases, doctors will prescribe a mixture of epinephrine that can be very handy in such cases of severe hives. People who have a family history of hives are advised to avoid the hives casing allergen as much they can. Also they need to keep their skin drier and cleaner all the time.

Treatment For Hives

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