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Urticaria Diet – Foods To Avoid

 Urticaria Diet   Foods To Avoid

Urticaria low histamine diet

Urticaria is one type of skin rash which is characterized by the pale red, itchy and raised bumps that the patient experiences. Urticaria is another term for hives and this condition is usually caused by allergic reactions to some foods or certain substances.

Chronic Urticaria can be hard to treat because until now, there are no definite forms of treatments or control for attacks that are available. there are individuals that are resistant to treatments thus, making it harder for doctors to find the perfect cure for the said skin disease. One of the most effective treatment plans for Urticaria is knowing what triggers the allergic reaction and how you can avoid the next attack.

This is actually difficult to do since there are many forms of urticaria and there are people who show more than one type. Urticaria is often idiopathic (caused by unknown reasons) and the vaso-motor nerve system can be affected by internal or external irritants.

The foods that induce urticaria in most people are egg, fish, nuts, shellfish, berries, chocolate, cheese, milk, wheat and tomatoes. These foods are reported to release histamine thus, triggering hives attack. as much as possible, avoid foods such as strawberries, tomatoes, uncooked egg whites, shell fish, pineapple, alcohol, fermented and aged protein containing foods since they have high levels of histamine.

Following Urticaria diet can be a challenge, especially if you love eating. Below are what the Urticaria diet excludes:

  • Fermented food
  • Foods with high levels of histamine, which can trigger Urticaria anytime
  • Artificial food colorings such as tartrazine
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole and butylaated hydoxytoluene

If you are suffering from Urticaria, you need to visit your dermatologist as soon as possible, so that he or she can recommend possible methods of treatment for your condition.

The Truth About Physical Urticaria Treatments.. The Answer- Try this Urticaria Treatment When nothing else Works:

Although urticaria is often referred to as an allergic reaction, and to all intense and purposes it is, it’s also true to say that the reason for your body reacting to certain stimulants in such an aggressive and unsightly manner is largely due to underlying issues.

Most diseases have their roots buried much deeper, an urticarial rash is just our body’s way of displaying a warning.

Urticaria Diet – Foods To Avoid

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