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Urticaria In Children – Is It Difficult To Manage Chronic Urticaria In Children?

 Urticaria In Children   Is It Difficult To Manage Chronic Urticaria In Children?

Urticaria, also known as Hives is a result of a trigger in the body. This trigger makes chemical histamine more active in the body which flows out causing reddish marks and furthermore it also inflames the blood vessels under the skin.

In children, Hives is very common. As it may generate due to food allergy also, mainly shell fish, food preservatives, peanuts and etc.

Allopathic clinics advise anti histamines, either H1, or H2 type and there respective compounds, whereas the Homeopathic cure does not only addresses the cure of the disease, instead they also find out the cause and out root it and preventing the body from chronic ailment, that is homeopathy completely changes the lifestyle.

Some homeopathic cures and remedies are:

  • When itching becomes worse especially during the night and lesions become painful and tender, then Apis mellfica is applied. it removes the burning sensation and pain.
  • In case the whole body or maximum part of it gets covered with lesions and inflammation, then Boavista is applied by the homeopath doctor.
  • Urticaria developed by the change in weather with cough, and edema in glands, then Dulcamara is applied, but as test and try case. the symptoms of marks may disappear temporarily, but may appear when the temperature gets warm.
  • For inflammation marks of hives or Urticaria on the arms, face, neck, hands, feet followed by nausea and headache, Sulphur worlks as an ideal medicine. In some parts of the world nature has provided the countries with natural Sulphur hot water springs, for example Turkey, Italy, and because of its natural instinct it does not have any side effects. Urticaria effected people often go to such natural sites and take bath in the springs and lakes for cure.
  • If the disease limits itself to only face and neck then Sepia can be used.

Urticaria is manageable in the children. but it would be better if their activities are closely monitored specially those who are minors. Sun stroke, or direct sunlight for prolonged periods, food, all must be monitored and children are to be prevented. one effective monitoring is to have an allergy test of all the children done and a copy to be submitted even in the school. So that in case of any inflammation especially Hives, the attendant knows the close possibilities.

Prevention is the best medicine, and can only be done but close monitoring the activity. Children rarely have depressive syndromes, they may have stress factors, sun light, food ( a very common), dust and animal touch.

Urticaria In Children – Is It Difficult To Manage Chronic Urticaria In Children?

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