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Urticaria Medication Side Effects – Identify Side Effects As You Treat Urticaria

 Urticaria Medication Side Effects   Identify Side Effects As You Treat Urticaria

All medications including hives medications have side effects that range from mild to severe. some people experience numerous side effects from some drugs while others do not experience any from the same medications. most of the anti-histamines have side effects that come inform of drowsiness and dizziness.

Some common urticaria medications side effects

The side effects that characterize most of the effective drugs are drowsiness and dizziness, but there are others which have been noted as;

  1. Fainting due to lack of ample blood and oxygen in the vital body organs due to the blocking of the throat which block the passages.
  2. Irregular heart rate resulting to the dilation of the blood vessels thus reducing the pressure. most of the times the pulse is lower or higher than required.
  3. Bloating or swelling of the face, arms, legs and other body parts as fluid accumulates due to the activity of the histamine substance released by the mast cells leading to hives.
  4. Blistering of the skin in different parts of the body. this comes due to contact injury or accumulation of body fluids in the skin surface.
  5. Headaches as the brain struggle to work with limited supply of blood and oxygen.
  6. Nervousness coming from the imbalance created by the aggravated reaction of the anti-bodies and the drugs contents.
  7. Pounding of the ears and congestion
  8. Drastic weight gain
  9. Burning sensation on the skin leading to swelling, itching, and redness and tingling of the hands and the legs.
  10. Joint and muscle pains or cramping
  11. Fever, sore throat and nasal congestions
  12. Painful menses
  13. Stomach upsets and cramps
  14. Confusion and hallucinations
  15. Bloody diarrhea
  16. Loss of balance and body co-ordination
  17. Decreased activity
  18. Breathing complication, profuse sweating, tremors and convulsions
  19. Loss of appetite and nausea
  20. Jaundice where there is a discoloration of the eyes
  21. Dark urine and clay colored stool
  22. Vaginal itching and discharge in women

The side effects mentioned above occur due to the use of different medications in different people. It is advised that you consult a doctor if you experience any of them to reduce the chances of fatality as the manifest themselves to more complex state. Depending on the individual emergency care should be sort at the first site of severe side effects symptoms.

Common overdose symptoms

Most of the people will experience the following symptoms after they overdose on the urticaria medication; seizures, urination problems, weakness, or blue lips coupled with a pale skin. Urgent emergence must be employed to avoid other complications as brain damage, heart failure and total urinary tract dysfunction

Do not use hives anti-histamines if you have the following

  • Central nervous system illnesses
  • Epilepsy or seizures
  • Joint disorders.
  • Breast feeding for they will affect the baby
  • Kidney or liver problems

When the hives anti-histamines are combined; if the fail to work as expected in eliminating the conditions, with steroids the side effects may be multiplied hence don not in anytime use them without a physicians prescription.

Urticaria Medication Side Effects – Identify Side Effects As You Treat Urticaria

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