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Water, Water and more Water!! – 4FIRE’s BodyBlog at Bodybuilding.com

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Water, Water and more Water!!

may 15, 2011 7:39PM

Last week I dramatically increased my water intake and WOW results!! Lol It didn’t make since to me but I was like how is it that when I didn’t drink as nearly as much water like this I was bloated and looked flat, but when I really increased my water intake I wake up in the morning looking hard and seeing lines?? What?? Ironic. I also ate on time too and I carb cycled I was just doing a little experiment to see how my body responds to certain things and I found it. I’ve also learned that I have to cycle food and change up portion sizes just like changing exercises in the gym and routines. I recently experimented with some marinade two weeks ago and some how I broke out into hives so last week I didn’t eat the marinade just to see what was making me break out into hives and it was the marinade (Jack Daniels Mesquite) though it was so delicious I couldn’t afford to be on stage with a chest full of hives. So last week was full of experiments and changes, I even changed my training. I saw great results, I saw what my body responds to which is good because even though we individually have to figure out our on body through trial and error it’s best to know as soon as possible that way no time is wasted because time is precious when it comes to our bodies.

With my increase in water I also was loosing weight and maintaining muscle. I’m learning just how important it is to drink lot’s of water though I’m the bathroom allot I don’t care about going to the bathroom, when I wake up in the morning and see my body that out way’s the constant trips to the seat so more water to drink more results to see.

This week is going to be a week of hoping possible miracles and faith relying. this week is going to be a week were I really have to use my faith on allot of situations and just hope and pray work hard and press forward and I plan to do all of these things and hope and pray to God that things work out!! My confident level is stable but I want it high and I know I only have the power to get it there. Again hopefully this week comes out amazing with a good report from all of the situations I’m about to face and I plan to bust butt to make it happen and not mess around.

"Knowledge is powerless unless you know how to use it"

Water, Water and more Water!! – 4FIRE’s BodyBlog at Bodybuilding.com

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