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Weird rash, almost like hives?

1311786292 27 Weird rash, almost like hives?

Well, I noticed around Sunday evening that the skin on the inside of my left forearm (And some of my left, but not as severe) has a strange rash. It's almost like hives, they're a little pink, and they come and go gradually. I'm worried, and I'm not sure what to do. Can I make it better without having to go to the hosptial? I'll post a picture once my email speeds up (I took the picture with my camera phone)

P.S. does it have anything to do with my face (mostly my cheeks) is red, and feel like a very minor version of what's on my arms?

if it is a rash- or even if it isn't- try benadryl. it won't hurt you, and could take it away.

Weird rash, almost like hives?

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