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What Are Hives And How Should It Be Treated?

 What Are Hives And How Should It Be Treated?

Hives (or Urticaria) is a form of an immune system reaction or an allergic reaction that usually happens to children, although there are a number of adults that have these episodes. it can be considered as harmless depending on the symptoms that show up.

Hives can start from a simple reaction to an allergen such as medicine, food (most common in legumes, soya, peanuts and milk), insect bites, pollen, stress and even changes in temperature (can be too cold or to hot) and many more. These can trigger the release of chemicals (such as histamine) from your body’s cells causing some parts of the skin to become red, itchy and/or swollen.

Appearance of rashes all over the body that are seen individually or in groups is the first sign seen in most hive cases. it varies in sizes and one bout shouldn’t really last more than twenty for hours. You need to take note of the things that your child was doing, the food that he takes in, and the things that he might be exposed to when trying to determine the cause of your child’s hives. Record up until you have found out the single reason why your child is having the hives.

Hives in children is usually treated with Diphenhydramine or Benadryl and is one of the common treatments for hives. Others also use Cyproheptadine (Periactin) or Hydroxyzine (or Atarax). These medications can make your child drowsy and extra care must be observed when giving these medications. Claritin, Clarinex, Allegra, Zyrtec are antihistamines that won’t make your kid drowsy. if your kid experiences hives for a long period of time like six weeks or more, it is best to give him non-sedating antihistamines.

There are also all-natural home remedies that you can do as Hives treatment :

Col Compression – try putting something cold on the area where it itches

• Milk of Magnesia – relieve itch by using this alkaline solution

Drinking tea – you can soothe and relax your nerves by drinking tea such as Catnip, Chamomile or Peppermint tea.

Soaking in Corn Starch & Baking Soda – fill a tub with warm water, add ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of corn starch. Soak yourself once a day or until you feel relief.

Massaging the Trapezius points – These muscles are located between the neck and the shoulder. Apply pressure to these parts and it can help get rid of the patches.

These are just some of the things that you can do for Hives treatment. again, please be reminded that if the hives has already lasted for a long time, it is best to consult your family doctor for check-up.

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What Are Hives And How Should It Be Treated?

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