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What are the different causes of Hives?

 What are the different causes of Hives?

I have had Hives twice in the last 5 months and I can't figure out what would have caused it twice but also so far apart.

Food allergy (strawberries, peanut butter, ginger, spices, etc).


Topical allergy (plants, laundry soap, etc).

When I was in college, studying for finals gave me hives, lol.

food allergy, enviromental allergen, anxiety, heat…….

Majority of Food allergies are being noted from the basics of Genetically Modified foods. GO ORGANIC! I avoid all genetically modified foods including SOY & CANOLA, but they are in everything. you have to read the organic labels even! I consider ALL soy GM and ALL Canola GM. Have you ever eaten or seen a Canola? no because Canola oil is made from rapeseed that is genetically modified in Canada and brought here. I avoid all Nestle's corp and L'oreal producst. also Maybelline as it is made by L'oreal. They use a very wide and extensive forms of GM foods in their products I just had a very serious allergic reaction to their hair color and others have died from it. I called the denied using a known allergy causing products. I told them they were liars as it states on the box 3 or 4 GM products which ARE A KNOWN allergy causer. Many people are learning this on their own as their doctors are not telling the truth and people are getting angry. what to do? I called my local congress and demanded a ban on all of these Genetically Modified products! I will keep calling along with thousands of other people. We will keep doing it until they ban Monsanto Corp?Bush family and make them clean up the toxic waste food products they are allowing people to eat and put on their skin. take a look what is in Roundup. GM foods have 10,000 times the amount of roundup in them than what is sprayed on. Go to you tube. Watch their videos on Genetically Modified foods. you will be horrified. it causes flem, acid reflux, vomiting, mucus, food allergies, kidney, liver, pancreas failure, as well as cancer in all organs. it is sickening! We feed our kids this crap. it is in all cereals. Kellogs & General Mills. Of coure with General Mills you also get industrial cleaner and wall stripper. By the way the wall stripper was banned from being used on your walls as it is too toxic. but the FDA allow you to eat it in your cereal! Good luck

Food Allergy & Anxiety.

Stress does not cause hives. Hives are caused by the release of histamine. There is no biochemical pathway that links cortisol (stress hormone) to the release of histamine. anyways, coxsackie viruses, medications, pets, foods, detergents, plants, and insect bites can cause hives. There are even more causes than that, but these are the major ones.

What are the different causes of Hives?

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