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What Are The Possible Causes Of My Hives And How Can I Avoid Another Outbreak?

 What Are The Possible Causes Of My Hives And How Can I Avoid Another Outbreak?

Want to know the causes of hives? The triggers of hives are usually a food or medicine that causes the body to release histamines as an allergic reaction.

Find out what is probably causing your hives and how you can avoid further outbreaks.

If you have suffered a hives outbreak for at least a month then your condition is considered chronic and not acute. in about 50% of people with hives a more severe and deeper type develops that can affect the tissue underneath the skin’s surface this is known as angioedema.

An estimated 15-20% of all people affected by hives as well as angioedema at some point during their lives. Hives can affect anybody irrespective of age or race but the condition seems more prevalent for people in their 30′s.

Although for many people finding a natural treatment for hives is important. to many it is even more important to find out what is causing their outbreaks so they can be avoided in the future.

Common causes Of Hives

Sometimes it can be very difficult to pinpoint the cause of your hives. in these instances it is recommended to consult your doctor or a dermatologist to help you find out the main factor that is causing your hives.

Usually chronic hives occurs due to a combination of triggering factors such as food, medicines, chemicals, animal dander, molds, hot or cold temperatures or even stress.

The most common trigger of hives is when the body releases histamine due to an allergic reaction particularly if you are allergic to certain food such as eggs, milk, peanuts, shellfish and strawberries. Hives can be brought on by a reaction to medicines like penicillin or even to chemicals in laundry soap.

Specific causes Of Hives

It is essential in the treatment of hives to find and manage the contributing factors. The primary trigger of hives among adults is drug-related allergic reactions, while allergy to food, food preservatives and additives and infections is the usual cause of hives in children.

Aspirin, as well as penicillin and other antibiotics are what typically cause drug-induced hives. While any food item can trigger an outbreak such as beef, fish, nuts and beans being the most common offenders.

Moreover, a number of food additives such as benzoate and tartrazine have been shown to intensify allergic reactions and trigger this skin condition. Eliminating food additives from your diet can be beneficial to those who have chronic hives.

What Are The Possible Causes Of My Hives And How Can I Avoid Another Outbreak?

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