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What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction to food?

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I have SEVERE allergies to like 98% of the things on the evirnomental allergy test list. and comparing the test results I've had throughout my life, the doctors have noticed a trend of me becoming more and more allergic over the years. I've never been tested for food allergies, as I haven't really had any physical symptoms that seems to correspond to certain foods — until now! Whenever I eat ANY kind of fruit (i.e. appes, kiwi, strawberries, watermelon, etc.), my mouth and throat feel very itchy and sometimes like they're burning, my tongue feels swollen (and like I have to keep "clearing" my throat), and my lips actually turn deep red/purple and swell to about twice their normal size. my entire body get extremely itchy for about 6-10 hours after this happens too, and if I eat enough of it, I'll get hives and/or itchy fluid-filled welts. With shelfish, I get itchy all over my body (just from touching it), and immediate hives. the same thing happens with walnuts, yogurt…

The symptoms you describe are allergic reactions to foods. get tested for food allergies now and get started on allergy shots if you are not already taking them. be sure you have an epi pen with you at all times and stay away from the foods that are all ready causing you symptoms as one day you may have an severe reaction.

well you definitely have food allergies! i get the same reaction to fruit and my doctor told me to steer clear because they can't test you for that kind of an allergy (which sucks!) You should definitely get an allergy test done as soon as possible though! I got one done recently and found out the reason I've been sick for so long is because i'm allergic to several things including wheat, soy, peanuts, and corn. once you know your allergies eliminating those foods from your diet may be hard but will definitely increase your level of being healthy!

about the epi pen…doctor's and emt's always tell me i should have one on me. they said just in case something happens and i can't down benadryl that it is extremely important to have that on you. however, i got this benadryl that just melts on your tongue, like those listerine strips. so, you should get an epi pen, but getting the strips of benadryl is also helpful.

It's definitely food allergies. Perhaps antioxidants. Stay away from the fruits! It can also be an allergic reaction to the material in your clothes but I doubt it. sorry the only thing you can do is not eat those foods.

I agree with everything that's already been said. my son has a peanut allergy (has to carry epi pens etc.), and the warning signs are everything you listed. get yourself checked out ASAP to make sure, and avoid the things that you react to until your checked out!

you are very lucky that until now, your still alive..anyways,yes that reaction to food is very natural because i use to have this allergic reaction to a kind of fish when i was still small but i outgrow it and luckily i dnt have that allergy anymore

What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction to food?

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