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What can I do if my dog has hives on the head and body from a bee sting?

1307757809 98 What can I do if my dog has hives on the head and body from a bee sting?

My dog always messes around with bees in my back yard and has been stung several times before. She gets hives on her head and body (all over.) When I brought her to the vet, he gave me some inflamitory and steroid pills to give her. This can get very expensive because it happens every 2-3 months. Is there anything I can give her that will bring down the swelling that does not involve going to the vet? have you found anything else that works?

Call your vet! Don't mess around with guessing doses yourself. my mother went to PetSmart to get medication for her puppy and asked the salesperson about the dosage, then followed what the person said when she got home, and the puppy almost died from an overdose! only a vet can tell you for sure what kind of medication and how much to give your pet.

If this is happening a lot and gets too expensive for you, you might consider trying to fence the dog into a smaller area without bees, or trying to take care of the bee problem itself. Regardless of the expense, it sounds as if this must be very painful for your dog, and I'm sure that she doesn't enjoy being stung. If worse comes to worse, you may have to keep the dog inside and simply take her for multiple walks every day. I know this would probably be a pain, but would YOU want to get stung by bees all the time?

Take her to the vet and get her on some meds, then try to handle the bee problem. If you can't get rid of them or find a solution, then keep her in. I know that you probably want to have her outside, but I have to wonder if keeping her in and taking her for walks is the lesser of two evils if she gets stung so often… Poor doggy!

Ice or damp mud works very well. It worked on my dog, it will work on yours. you may even try Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt. That is what my vet recommended.

as long as the bees aren't swallowed or the swelling is not constricting anything, my vet said Benadryl….my 70lb dog gets one pill. But that was for like ONE sting!!!

I would still call the vet…that's a lot of bee stings!

Your dog is having and allergic reaction, just like a human being does that is allergic to bee stings. do not wait, call your vet and get an answer from a professional – before it is too late. Treat your dog as though it were your child, the dogs health is completely in your hands and a vet should be contacted

children's benedryl. call your vet for dosage but that works just fine

What can I do if my dog has hives on the head and body from a bee sting?

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