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What causes hives my Doc says I have a cat allergy but I haven't been near any cats in about 4 days,?

1310436152 23 What causes hives my Doc says  I have a cat allergy but I haven't been near any cats in about 4 days,?

yet last night I came out in a mass of hives on my back I took my anti histamine and it was gone within half an hour, but when I go up this morning I had them around my navel. So are hive really due to allergies or is there someting more to them. It would be great if some one new the asnwer. Thanks

Bees or Wasps. But mostly bees!

I have what the Dr. calls chronic hives, they are caused by stress. and they hurt like he!! when they show themselves

If you are around where a cat has been can give a reaction. it is the dander and fir left over you might be haveing a reaction to.

Too much acid in your system. if I take over ripe tomatoes I get hives right away.

There ar 2 types of hives(uticaria)

allergy and pressure
some dairy products aggravate it

The pressure hive is called (angioedema)
Lots of welts appear and sometimes the lips swell up
Check your diet first,as dairy products are the most likely if you have no cat,but dust can do it too
Have you tried Zantac

I have had a problem with both of my sons getting hives. with my eldest i went to see an allergy specialist and he asked me what my son was allergic to, and didn't test him for anything. He seemed to grow out of it. my 2 yr old gets them really bad. his seem to be brought on if he gets too warm but also if he gets stressed. he doesnt like flying, so when we go on a plane he gets really worked up and gets them REALLY bad. but he also gets hot when he is stressed so that just makes it worse. I give him Pyriton which really helps.

you said you havent been around a cat in 4 days instead of hives could it be fleas? if you are male fleas like to breed where ever theere is hair, legs,arms,back,stomach.when you were around this cat did you lay on or near where the cat did? you could of picked up something from the cat. if the itching gets to be too much take benadryl in capsle form so the itching will stop dont scratch as you will make the area raw and you can cause an infection. the benadryl may make you sleepy

I've had hives from time to time all my life. I've read books and consulted doctors, but the truth is nobody really knows why we get allergies. When I get a breakout, I'll take zyrtec, very effective but doesn't solve the prob. heat rash, cold rash, food allergy rash. there are way too many things that can cause a allergic reaction.

Currently I am on a no meat(esp chicken), more berries diet. the idea is to get the immunity system up and improve health through a more efficient digestive system.

I'm convinced that all the skin problems are manifestations of toxicity in the body.

Oh, and I keep a cat…..so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Wish I knew. Two of my sons get them periotically for a day or two. I give them benedryl, which helps, but we've never been able to figure out what causes them. Can't connect it to anything they've been exposed to or eaten. good luck.

What causes hives my Doc says I have a cat allergy but I haven't been near any cats in about 4 days,?

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