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What could be the cause of my husband's hives?

1306191849 87 What could be the cause of my husband's hives?

Over a month ago my husband came down with a cold that turned into bronchitis and then got hives and swelling all over his body.

we treated the bronchitis with antibiotics and the hives with Zyrtec but it took over a week for them to go away. since then the hives have come back 7 times. there has been no change in his diet or medications. they keep randomly coming back for a while causing him discomfort.

Any idea what it could be?

Maybe something in his environment? Laundry detergent, soap, anything like that? My 1 year old gets hives randomly and we cannot figure out what it is either. the doctors said there is nothing they can do, just give him benadryl and let them resolve on their own.

Have you made any other changes?Like a new detergent.there is also a possibility that he has developed an allergy.He will need to see his doctor during an outbreak to get a correct diagnosis.

it's something causing it, change the washing powder or liquid. See if its that. If not it might be his clothes, the fabric. Or a smell or like a small insect that come's in your house and your husband skin reacts too

Have him see an allergist.He will decide what is best for him,could be an autoimmune response.Good luck.

What could be the cause of my husband's hives?

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