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What Ingredients Not to Put in the Best Facial Moisturizer

 What Ingredients Not to Put in the Best Facial Moisturizer

If somebody asked you how it was that you gauged the best facial moisturizer available to you what would you tell them. the fact is that most people when asked that question would not have the proper information necessary in order to make a sound judgment about what the best moisturizer for face would be.

The key to what is the best facial moisturizer on the market is the ingredients that it contains, but the sales rankings for the various products on the market suggest that while many people are buying most of them have no idea what they are doing when making their purchase. the products that are the most popular will do nothing really positive for your skin.

The best moisturizer for face will contain all natural ingredients, but very few of the products available on the market will offer these ingredients to you. what you are far more likely to encounter are products which contain such things as petroleum based compounds in them instead of the ingredients that you need.
Most of the well known companies put either mineral oil, or petrolatum in what they then label as the best facial moisturizer. They will also tell you that these ingredients are healthy for your skin, because they are themselves all natural. do not believe this for a minute, because petroleum compounds will damage your skin.

You see, what these companies are telling you is that the best moisturizer for face contains compounds that are formed during the distillation of petroleum in order to produce gasoline from crude oil. They are only different from Vaseline in that they have been rendered thinner, but they are still no better for use as a moisturizer.

The truth is that what is truly the best facial moisturizer would never contain key ingredients that will clog your pores, attract dirt and grime, inhibit the natural exfoliation cycle, and lower sebum production. Once the production of natural oil is lowered your skin will slowly become dry to the point of being itchy and flaky.
The best moisturizer for face will contain instead compounds such as avocado and macadamia oils, which will provide your skin with not only the deep down moisture that it needs but will also provide essential nutrients necessary for your skin’s health. Avocado oil will also stimulate the production of collagen in your skin.

This collagen stimulating ability of avocado oil works wonders when it is included in products which contain a little known natural ingredient called Functional Keratin. This is a pairing of unique keratin proteins which have been proven to promote new cell growth, and drastically increase the production of collagen and elastin.

If you can find a product that contains these types of ingredients in it that will not only effectively moisturize your skin but also cause it to look years younger then you have a product to hold on to. something like that could easily qualify as the best facial moisturizer that you have available to you.

What Ingredients Not to Put in the Best Facial Moisturizer

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